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2koreds - Membership Application

Age: 22

Steam Name(Current): 2koreds

Time played on servers?(!time username to check): 864 hours, 14 minutes, 3 seconds

Where did you hear about this server?: Randomly found it on the server listing like 2.5 years ago

Have you ever been banned and why?: Yes, very long story short August 2017 I was banned for toxicity, and then a couple months ago I was banned for mis-using the grimoire of bloodwynd. These behaviors/issues have been resolved and are no longer an issue.

Why do you want to join?: I already consider myself a member of the community, as do many other people, but its time to make it official. I have played for 864 hours over the course of roughly 2.5 years and I'm in love with FRG is and has to offer. It constantly has more content and keeps you involved and enthrawled. I enjoy the route the community has taken to change recently under Unpokes management, and its the primary reason I have decided to stay after past events. I've genuinely lost count by now but I'm fairly certain this is my 5th or 6th member application. I'm very clearly dedicated to FRG already, and I won't let another failure discourage me. I've been working hard to fix this image that players from the past have of me, and a lot of the ones who will leave negative feedback most likely haven't played with me at anytime lately. I'm not saying anyone who does this has invalid feedback, but I am making this application again expecting it. It won't discourage me, I know where my place in the community is and hopefully it's time that more people agree.

Referred by: Unpoke(sorta?)

Additional Details: It's all pretty much covered in the Why do you want to join section; but regardless of if I get accepted or denied this time around I won't give up. I've put in too much time on the server to accept defeat. I love the friendships I've made through FRG and the memories all the more. Thanks for taking the team to read and leave your honest feedback below please.

+1, big toxic boy but is a decent human being overall.

-1 immature and has gotten into arguments over the dumbest shit ive ever seen related to rules

Honestly he isn't as bad as he was way before, think he changed for the better from a few months ago. And is pretty helpful to most new players when he does play, while I think some people have their own reasons to dislike him I think he deserves member at this point of time. +1 for Reformed

2Koreds, you are extremely unpleasant to play with.

From what I've seen he will insult you for little reason and he will look for a reason to kill you.

I don't even need to say anything, Terran has seen 2Koreds' ugly side. That was AFTER his toxic ban. Something that happened to me. More-or-less, I accidentally killed 2Koreds, cause I didn't see his name. It was an amussing moment, everyone was laughing, I'm saying sorry and will take the slay. Then I get this report.ImageThere was really no reason to be this rude, over a simple accident. If he is willing to be this rude and ridicule members, what does he say towards nonmembers or newbies when they're alone? Of course, if you're member+ or higher, you wouldn't see any of this. Cause he's learned to shut up or bite his tongue in front of folks with power.

If you sneeze in his direction, he will kill you. He has killed people for very petty reasons. IMO, I think he just finds reasons to kill. especially towards folks he hates.

Is a community member a decent person, but will insult you on a dime? Would they use the report system liberally for the most petty of reasons? Would they have two revenge RDM threads made against them Rdm 1, Rdm 2? Would they look for reasons to kill you, even if they're generally not kill worthy?
No. That seems like an asshole. All of those he is infamous for.

Has he changed? If he was willing to go through with a revenge RDM after a three month Toxic ban, I highly doubt he could change. Also, I haven't heard any improvements, outside of select members that are staff.

He could be the nicest person in the world. But I haven't heard a single good thing about him. Nor seen any improvement. -1

He has gotten better but still needs a bit more work. Keep improving 2koreds. For now -1

You guys act like you aren't toxic at all kek js

although he still has his moments, he has definitely improved a lot. I dont think giving him member will hurt. If he goes back to be continuously toxic, he can always be demoted. +1

He is as toxic as me but instead of taking a slay he deserves he will find a way to make it sound reasonable. -1 at least I will take a slay I deserve to have.

After some thought and giving him a chance to show his true colors -1. My personal opinions and bias aside, the way he treats the community is unacceptable.

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