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  Fished Wish
Posted by: Terran - 1 hour ago - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (5)

An extremely rare chance that, upon fishing, you get a wish, sort of like how the Djinn crate works (Sort of). Things you could wish for would be stuff like:

A powerful tool (very rare fishing rod)
A chance at greatness (A special boss fight)
Wealth, infinite wealth (Lots of coins, forerunner fragments, maybe even Rubies)
The key to your heart (A bunch of keys from T4 to T6)
A Long Lost Memento (a permanent Lure)

Any other ideas? If it doesn't look super stupid, I could, y'know, flesh it out. Details, dialogue, fancy stuff.

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  Still crashing on map changes occasionally.
Posted by: Terran - 2 hours ago - Forum: Bug Reports - Replies (2)

Usually every 2-3 changes I crash. I finish loading, its all gucci, and then bam, I'm out. CTD, no error.

Anyone else having this problem? please vote if you are or aren't.

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  sel multiple thingies
Posted by: wind - 3 hours ago - Forum: Trading - No Replies

Sel extinct ascultone with sag and 1 in 14
sel exotic (not replica) first prayer with muffle
sel frostburns

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  Selling Super Duper Incandescent Fishingrod
Posted by: Fuzzy "Mc-Cones" Mcnomnoms - 3 hours ago - Forum: Trading - No Replies

As you might have guessed, I'm selling a fishing rod.

Hit me up with them offers

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  Epic Idea
Posted by: wind - 7 hours ago - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (4)

Hey guys with the addition of fishing i got the newest hottest most 1337 idea on the forums.


The idea is simple, a new addition to the lobby that will allow you to plant "seeds" the seeds can range anywhere from just being called "Uncommon Seeds" to more specific "Terranable seeds". These seeds depending on rarity could take anywhere from a few hours to a day or 2 to grow.
getting seeds could come from events, end round drops, a crate found from fishing, a vender, or a new npc that would allow you to trade in guns for seeds (sorta like runes) bring him a few uncommons get a bag of uncommon seeds, bring him a few of specific guns ,like terranables, and recieve terranable seeds.

With this also can come cross breeding, either by planting the seeds next to each other or by using the npc i suggested before a new option from him to modify 2 seeds together. This is because i dont think godlikes should become something just growable maybe even only allow seeds up to rare. Then through cross breeding have a small chance to achieve seeds of a higher tier. say 2 rares are a 15% chance to get a legendary seed and 2 legendary seeds are a 10% chance to get a primordial seed and 2 primordials are a 5% for godlike. Or godlikes can be found through the cross breeding of 2 seeds with a certain chance. say breeding a angelic seed and a axistance seed has a chance to give you a special godlike. I also think that crossbreeding should have a chance to fail maybe a 50/50 chance of succeding your cross breeding or to make it even harder to gain better seeds a 30% success chance.

Thats the base idea any more suggestion on top this could be cool too. Fishing was a cool addition to frg and i think farming could be as well.

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  Chilly - Membership Application
Posted by: Chilly - 10 hours ago - Forum: Membership - No Replies

Age: 17

Steam Name(Current): Chilly

Time played on servers?(!time username to check): 104 hours

Where did you hear about this server?: when Brassx created it & left NTG

Have you ever been banned and why?: Nope

Why do you want to join?: There's a lot of nice people on this server, most I already knew from NTG. This server is really fun & never gets old with the lobby events as well as TTT events. I'd love to have a bigger part in the community :)

Referred by: Nobody

Additional Details: n/a

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  Patchnotes 09/22/2018
Posted by: Brassx - 11 hours ago - Forum: Server Patchnotes - Replies (19)


  • Added Fishing officially. This is a minigame you can do at the Lake on the Lobby. With it comes an assortment of new weapons to seek out, rare fish to find/catch, a seperate XP/Level system (just visual right now), and an NPC inwhich you can do a number of things with. When fishing, you will catch various types of fish, or even items(yes also rare unique items too!). You can then in-tern take these fish to the NPC and sell them for "Fish bucks" to spend on things in the shop.
    Your rod/baits will also lose durability. Baits will be lost upon reaching 0% durability, while rods will 'break' and need to be repaired from the "Repair" tab in the Shop.
    Some of you have reported sightings involving some kind of Lake Monster at the lake, so be wary while fishing, just 'in-case'.

    To fish, buy a rod from the NPC and walk close to the lake and type !fish. Then cast your line out to a spot of your choice, and follow the on-screen instructions once you get a bite.

    The shop offers a variety of options to spend coins or the new currency on such as, but not limited to:
    • New Rods. Each rod has its own stat set, like "Catch Rate" or "Strength", and durability.
      Strength determines how your rod holds up against heavier fish. Strength * 5 is the max weight your rod can handle 'safely'. Anything more will cause your rod to use more durability. If a weight is within your rod's weight range, you will typically get LESS letters on the fishing QTE, depending on how far in to your rods weight class it is.
    • Different baits that offer different types of modifiers to your rod.
    • A Dock. You can buy this to allow everyone to enjoy it, though.
  • There will be more added to the shop as needed.
  • Added a "Search bar" to the Inventory and Backpack UI. This highlights any item that matches your search criteria.

  • Added small chat icons for each rank.
  • Added a "Fishing" tab to the Inventory on the lobby. It shows your fishing stats/level/exp.

  • Pisces water walk can now be toggled at will.
  • Aquarius now drains 15% DoT 'duration' per 3 seconds while in cube-form.

The servers will be down for the next hour or so as I make sure everything was uploaded properly, and wipe all fishing progress.

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  Killing tranq'd players doesn't award the kill.
Posted by: Terran - Yesterday, 04:37 AM - Forum: Bug Reports - No Replies

I tranq'd a player and melee'd him to death but it didn't count for my melee challenge.

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  Sell Aezurth
Posted by: 2koreds - Yesterday, 01:30 AM - Forum: Trading - No Replies

Sell Aezurth. 1 in 8.2 for torment, no other traits. Offer below.

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  Remove events
Posted by: Terran - 09-21-2018, 08:31 PM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (14)

I want to populate TTT and people sit on the lobby 24/7. It gets more activity than the TTT server. This is dumb, stupid and dumb and I'm sick of seeing TTT at like, 6 people when the lobby has bloody 22. SUPER dumb. FIX pls.

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