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  Pre-release patch notes 10/26/2021 - Halloween!
Posted by: Brassx - 10-26-2021, 10:19 PM - Forum: Server Patchnotes - Replies (8)

Our Halloween seasonal is finally here. With it brings a wide assortment of new items to discover - over 20 new discoverables!  


Be sure to keep an eye on the Fragment shop Smile

Here's the condensed patchnotes:


  • Added 2 new themed backgrounds to the !spin wheel.
  • Added new crate series "Bone Chest". These are available for rubies for the first week of the event. Then they will be available for coins.
  • Added Jack-O-Lantern V.
  • Added the new Seasonal Pass.
  • Updated the Lobby map to the halloween version (Thanks parade!)
  • Added a new 'seasonal item' system to the Frag shop. Once someone buys the item, they can't buy it again for the entire duration of the seasonal.
    Ontop of that, when a sesonal item shows up in the shop, Septimus will send out 'offers' to 1-3 random players who have played in the last 12 hours (if applicable, they can not be chosen for this twice, and wont be selected if they already bought the item), to give them a chance to buy these items without being on the server for the shop reset. It'll dm you on discord if you have your account linked with FRG , and you'll have 5 days to buy what he offers you.
  • Remade the Raining Skull trait, and made it work in pve (and not lag the server).
  • Optimized Kraken more.
  • Brought back Jack-o-lantern rounds to TTT.

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  Membership Application - ◥ChechenWolf☪◤ |
Posted by: ◥ChechenWolf☪◤ - 10-25-2021, 08:16 AM - Forum: Membership - Replies (5)

Age: 18

Steam Name: ◥ChechenWolf☪◤

Time played on servers?: TTT: 92 hours | Lobby: 56 hours

Where did you hear about this server?: On a chilly monday while i was enjoying myself a round of TTT on one of the velk servers i overheard someone talking about frg and it got me interested

Have you ever been banned and why?: No, i'm a gentleman

Why do you want to join?: Being a member sounds nice and i want to be a part of the family you feel me

Referred by: Found this treasure myself

Additional Details: Awesome server, don't know brassx personally but seems like a solid dude
and the people on here are nice (not that much toxicity), everytime i had an "arguement" with someone which didn't happen that often it always ended on a good note. dont like having enemies anyways.
love interacting with the people on this server, funny memes
sometimes use my mic if im in the mood, like helping newbies even though im one myself

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  Treasure Map
Posted by: HeisenBurger - 10-25-2021, 03:13 AM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (1)

Challenge Scroll Type Item
A treasure map, made by an old pirate crew that had a particular interest in crafting.
Drops from TTT Treasure Chests, Fishing and Mammon Discarded Loot/Fight.

Gilded does not apply to applicable challenges.

Challenges of the Treasure Map

- Acquire X amount of coins

- Prove you're a true pirate deadeye. Enable the challenge to lock your loadout to only an Endurlock and get X amount of kills while you're drunk (While the challenge is enabled, you're perma drunk while alive causing you to have an extremely low trip chance and having your screen be kind of hazy like diseased)

- Slay the Kraken and reach the top 50% of players

- Across PvE and TTT open X amount of loot chests/TTT treasure chests. (Obviously can't be done in survive and lobby bosses, but can be done in Grims, Asylum, Trib, IoD)

- Fish up a fish over X amount of weight.

- Prove you can conquer the waters. Enable the challenge to lock your loadout to a Scylla and an Enraged Trident. Get X amount of kills using either of these weapons and deal X amount of Water Damage (Scylla wave, Trident)

I'll continue adding more challenges as I think of them.


Most/All of these are going to be primordial.

Anytime a weapon drops from the Treasure Map, it has a chance to already be crafted by a pirate who used the weapon. Already crafted weapons will have a lower catalyst chance but come with traits already on the weapon. The amount and quality of the traits are determined by the rank of the pirate that crafted it. Deckhands will have 1 or 2 traits, and usually bad ones like Damage to X, final bullet and contagion. Quartermasters will have 3 or 4 traits of good quality, Stuff like double shoot, mobility boost, corrosion, agony etc. Captains will have 5 to 6 traits that are strong or valuable, like Gilded, Lucky, challenge scroll suffixes such as electricity, mini godlike traits from improbability and will always come with at least 1 treasure map exclusive trait.

There's a chance rare names will pop up in the captain tier, which spawns them with exclusive traits depending on which name it is.

Blackbeard: Shots have a chance to summon a cannon at the user's foot. After a short delay, it will shoot a cannonball, insta killing on direct hit and exploding.

Flying Dutchman: Getting hit allows you to turn into a ghost, gaining increased mobility and flight for X amount of seconds.

Davy Jones: Hits have a chance to spawn a locker behind the victim, if they walk back into it they just fucking die lmao.

Gangplank: Shots have a chance to call down waves of cannonballs in an area, each cannonball explodes and does a low amount of damage within the area of the cannon strike.

Treasure Map Exclusive traits

Of Scurvy: Diseased trait from grim's

Of Sea Sickness: Decreased mobility, while moving there's a chance to vomit. Making a loud vomit noise and dealing a small amount of damage.

Of Drunk: Causes Blurry vision, and trip chance.

Weapons and Items!!!!! (THE JUICY STUFF)

Orange exotic/prim grenade item.

Left click to throw, like a reskinned meatball. Headshots will play a sea shanty for the victim.

When eaten, heal 25 HP and cleanse all DoTs. 2 Charges and a 30 second cooldown.

Deadeye's Right Hand


Primordial Secondary

High Accuracy
High Recoil
80~ headshot damage (enough to always 2 tap regardless of armor)
35~ Body
+35% Deploy Speed
Whatever mobility.

Full auto secondary, around Eleos left click speed? Maybe a bit faster?

*Swapping to this weapon grants it a small period of full accuracy and majorly decreased recoil.

Curse of Captain Hook


Primordial M14 EBR with a scope.

+12% Damage
+40% Firerate

Rest doesn't matter, as you see fit.

*Shots hit have a chance to spawn a hook above the victim, if someone jumps into it they are hooked on and stuck for 2 - 3 seconds.

Morgan's Jaw


Primordial HUGE 249

+45% Accuracy
0% Damage
+45% Firerate
+25% Stability
-5% Mobility

*Shots hit give a stacking mobility buff that lasts for X amount of seconds, kills with the axe melee cash out the speed buff. Giving you half the mobility buff for the rest of the round.

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Video Animated Wallpaper (general frg content)
Posted by: The Suess - 10-17-2021, 06:57 AM - Forum: General - No Replies

If for some reason people want to download the non-compressed/non-brightened file you can find it in the discord

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  Edit RDM/Toxic
Posted by: Dovah The Deaf - 10-15-2021, 06:33 AM - Forum: Complaints - Replies (3)

I have killed Sirkaffee who was trying to kill edit and after words edit just guns me down for no reason. I report it and he responds with "R u mad or nah"

(Can provide a VOD on request)

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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  haloween suggestions 2021
Posted by: Mad King Blizzard - 10-14-2021, 05:01 PM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (1)

Costume bag: spins like chest for random accs. or character model.
serial killer models
Halloween unique hats, masks and misc. accs.
candy & Halloween device

Memonto mori: hourglass equipment. (only works in events/ boss fights)
Upon death the wielder is respawned at half health with a 10% dmg and mobility buff goes on cooldown until event/ fight is over

Ninja Gauntlet, melee weapon slots a kunai or shuriken and a ninjato.
when empty. its a fist weapon that karate chops. when slotted with ninjato. ninjato takes over and becomes the weapon.
when slotted with ninjato and kunai or shuriken. right click throws slotted range item. holding e swaps from ninjato to the other slotted item.

The Scythe. melee weapon. slow and base move speed. 1 hits headshot. on right click will reap souls from dead bodies for a temporary stacking boost for 10 sec. +10% dmg +10% mob. max of 5 stacks. at max stacks 1 hits

The nightmare's glove. (freddy kreugar glove) melee weapon. very quick attack speed, low damage. on kill gores body and heals 25 health. (charge) when enough damage is dealt you can activate right click. "throws" glove for a single target instant kill.

The Ghost's knife. (ghostface's knife) quick attacks fair damage, on right click the user phases through a door or window. while equipped the wielder's footsteps are silent,

Throwing needles. ranged equipment. very low damage, very fast attack, on hit poisons target. -10% mobility -10% accuracy -10% reload speed. -10% deploy speed. can slot into ninja glove.

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  The Costume Changer (Halloween Item Suggestion)
Posted by: FaolanXFiltiarn - 10-14-2021, 10:33 AM - Forum: Suggestions - No Replies

So, I don't know exactly how possible this idea is to make, but I just think it'd be a fun and potentially funny little item to have as a side thing.

It'd be a Primordial/Godlike/Exotic Utility slot item called "The Costume Changer" (name subject to change) that has a 20 or 30 second cooldown and for half of the cooldown, so either for 10 or 15 seconds respectively, it changes your player model into a random Primordial or higher tiered model that's on the server. Your name would stay the same it'd just be a temporary model change, which might not only be a fun little thing to have, but it could also help prevent people killing off models as a bonus.

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  Helminth's Symbiote
Posted by: Booxav - 10-10-2021, 10:08 AM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (1)

Helminth's Symbiote
Rifle Base
"It seems to have taken a liking to you."
20% Damage
-10% Firerate
-20% Stability
-15% Deploy Speed
25% Accuracy
Unique Trait of Infestation
1 in x to summon a parasite that can proc contagion to whomever it hits.
The parasite would have 30-40 hp.
Upon getting 3 or more kills it has an infected mode where every shot procs contagion that lasts 5-10 seconds dealing 2-3 per second
Potential to drop with other Halloween traits.

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  Eye of the Hellspawn
Posted by: HeisenBurger - 10-10-2021, 05:40 AM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (5)

Eye of the Hellspawn


Hard hitting sniper, like Voice of Insanity

Godlike. From tribulation would be cool, either straight pull from chests or from pouches to make pouches more exciting or just final chests. Or maybe add loot orbs to lancers (that die near a bowl) to incentivize killing lancers near bowl and have it drop from there.

3-5 bullets in the mag.

A withered soul lingers within the frame of this weapon, feed it and it will give itself to your cause.

Having this weapon out will summon the soul of a Hellspawn lancer. It's a permanent summon that can't be killed.

Getting kills with this weapon will leave behind souls, hold E to shoot out a net for the weapon to collect it. Nets have a cooldown upon use, but picking up a soul will reset that cooldown. If you attack an enemy with the net, it will slow them by X%.

The lancer summon gains more power the more souls it has.
At 0-2 stacks, its only attack is the lancer's white stab from tribulation, dealing 25? damage to enemies the summon is aggro'd on (User is attacking, being attacked)
At 3-5 stacks, it's upgraded to a lancer lieutenant, switching from the white stab to the purple lifesteal stab and the AoE cleave.
At 6-8 stacks. It becomes a captain, gaining the attacks of captains. All the summon's attacks will now lifesteal as well.
At 9 stacks. It reaches its final form as a High Captain, the captain will now send out a lifestealing mage projectile with every shot. If you are to die, the captain will sacrifice himself for you and heals you to 25-50% of your max hp.
If the captain sacrifices himself, you lose every stack and have to stack it back up all over again.
In PvE, 1 soul gives 1 stack. In TTT, 1 soul gives 3 stacks.

Additionally, for every soul stack you have, you deal bonus damage to targets with over 5000 base HP. This should be a number that's really high, because I want this to be top tier for boss DPS at max stacks.

So in essence, it's a sniper that rewards staying alive and performing well in an event. Which is becoming a trend in recent events like tribulation and hard mode dilapidation. It also gives the spotlight to a weapon class that's been bottom tier in events but finally has a good showing in tribulation. However, if you lose your stacks, it'll be really difficult to get them back and then you're stuck with a normal sniper for boss damage so you're forced to perform well.

Drops with trib traits? Blessed, of sorrow, more damage to hellspawn?

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  Compilation of Heisen Suggestions that Hold Up
Posted by: HeisenBurger - 10-07-2021, 08:27 AM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (2)

I'm just posting a lot of suggestions that I'd like to see that I still believe are good. I have a lot of threads that are old and all that.




Hinga Dinga Durgen

-5% to +10% Accuracy
+20% Damage (So it does above 33)
+25% Firerate
-30% to -20% Stability
+20% Reload speed
+5 to +10% Mobility

A lean mean killing machine.

Shots with this weapon stack gasoline on people.

Right click to shoot out a flame thrower, like a hellfire/dragon strikes. Hitting someone with the flamethrower detonates the gasoline, dealing X amount of damage in an area. The size and damage increases based on the amount of stacks detonated. The user is immune to the explosion.

Shots that hit the ground/walls make a trail of gasoline (Think firewalking boots)
Use the flamethrower to light the gasoline trail on fire.
Covering a dead body in gasoline and lighting it on fire will blow it up. Dealing X amount of damage to anyone near it.

Remember how hanging bodies is useless? This gun lets you create traps for people using bodies, kinda like sticky bomb traps from TF2 or something but with gasoline trails instead.

Axes of the Nephelim



Bimonthly? Trib unique? Exclusive drop to Trib AND IoD (Higher chance in trib)? Have one part drop from Trib and one from IoD and combine them?

Axes used by the Nephilim, half breeds of Angels and Demons.

*This weapon lifesteals a % of damage dealt, this percentage goes up the lower HP you are.

Combo based melee, to be completely honest I have no idea how you decide to make the combos brass so I'll leave this up to you. Dealing damage with this melee fills up the blood gauge, after dealing X amount of damage, the axes are charged. The charge is indicated by the blade part of the axes changing to Angelic/Demonic texture (they should be animated because why not).

After whatever combo of high speed slashes and horizontal slashes, combine the axes to deal a massive blow that can one tap people in the head.

For a short duration after this combo, left click to summon the spirit of Tzadkiel to do a random attack. Right click instead to summon the spirit of Bazzalth to have him do one of his attacks. Brass, ima leave you to decide which attacks you see fit.

Damage dealt by summoned attacks will heal for 100% of the damage they deal.



H.U.G.E 249

hinga dinga durgen

+25% accuracy
+20 - 25% damage
+ 15 - 20% Firerate
-20% Stability
Mobi can be whatever
+20% reload speed.

From the ashes of your destruction you will rise again.

Hitting enemies raises a sun over your head, after landing X amount of shots you are prompted to activate Supernova. When you activate supernova, the sun starts to glow brighter, and then explodes, dealing a small amount of damage, but blinding anyone looking at the explosion.

For X amount of seconds after Supernova is charged, every bullet will ignite for a small amount of time.

Killing an enemy who was affected by Supernova gives you a charge of Phoenix Shot (capped out at one charge). While you have a charged shot, right click to shoot a high damaging beam. (40 on body, 150 on head, or anything that can one tap armor). If you kill an enemy with Phoenix Shot, for the next X amount of seconds, if you are killed. You will be respawned with 25% HP, and emit a supernova.

Phoenix from valorant, check. Phoenix from Rounds, also check. Ha, Lets go!

This should not be anything but an actual H.U.G.E base, since it shouldn't be ultra top tier for killing people in TTT with effects as strong as these.



P228 or M1911?

Bimonthly type beat/Godlike from vampire rounds (please bring these back)

+20% accuracy
+25% Damage
+20% Firerate
+5 - 10% mobility
-25% Deploy speed
-20-30% Stability
15 bullets in the mag, p228 or m1911

Getting a kill with this weapon spawns an orb that stays for X amount of seconds. Press (Insert Key here) on this orb (Through walls, from any range) to teleport to the orb and heal for X amount of health.

Teleporting to the orb leaves a deactivated orb from the spot you teleported from, getting a kill reactivates the orb and allows you to teleport to it and heal again.

Maybe set bonus with bloodsurge?
Bloodsurge TPs heal? Increases healing received? Stat increases?

Void's Embrace

Godlike Secondary (This could be adapted into any secondary weapon base, but I'm leaning towards a Deagle or a Pistol. Because I'm not sure what base weapon this should be, I won't give it any stats)


Headshot kills with this weapon cause the victim's body to spawn a "Void Tether", anyone in the area gets trapped in the tether which prevents them from leaving the area surrounding the dead body of the original victim for X amount of seconds.

Headshot kills on any person who is already tethered, causes them to explode and damage everyone in the area and everyone who is tethered for X amount of damage.

Pressing right click within X amount of seconds and without damaging anyone who is tethered allows you to consume the tether. Consuming a tether allows you to place it somewhere else (I.e, a wall or a doorway), where it will lie dormant and invisible (but make a sound or something). If someone walks past the tether, it will tether them and chain to anyone else near the target.

Block Benelli, Block Launcher, Brick Blaster, something.


Coal Launcher type Benelli

Shrine Unique

I have no idea what the base stats of the Benelli so idk what to + or -.

*Hitting someone has a chance to start spawning tetris blocks on their screen, the more shots hit the more stack on their screen

*Players killed with this weapon turn into bricks


H.U.G.E 249

Improbability Device Unique

+20% Accuracy
+25% Damage
+25% Firerate
-5% Mobility
-30% Stability

Hold E to charge a flash, charging makes an audio cue and anyone looking at the camera within X amount of meters will be flashed for a short duration. Anyone in the flash has a snapshot of them made (Like a gray Gemini clone of them or something).

Right-click to cause snapshots to start shooting anyone in a cone in front of them with whatever weapon they were holding when the snapshot was made/ the camera gun/ generic weapon. Snapshots have the same amount of health as a Gemini clone.

Shots hit have a 1 in X chance to start playing Trance - 009 Sound System Dreamscape and display Unregistered Hypercam 2 on the victim's screen.


Animation for activating snapshots

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