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  Mauimods' toxicity
Posted by: Mr. Glitch - Yesterday, 05:28 AM - Forum: Complaints - Replies (6)

Steam Name of Offending Player(s): Mauimods

Steam ID of Offending Player(s): STEAM_0:1:50219225

Map the event happened on: Multiple

Date of event: 4/4/20

What Happened?: I've been playing a lot recently and whenever I'm in with Mauimods he always seems to be one of the more toxic players in the community. from constantly belittling other players by calling people retarded or just harassing people because of a small disagreement. Something that sticks out to me is him breaking the rules and never accepting that he was wrong. If he gets killed off of location he'll report the person that killed him and keep it, then when he koses off location and gets reported he'll say something like "It wasn't location, it was knowledge" and then insult the player for keeping the report on him.

In general hes a very toxic player and multiple people complain about how he acts towards others and will also say he is incredibly toxic.

Though I don't have much proof I decided to add him saying "ok cry about it" after I told him I watched him map exploit on purpose. I know its not much but I guarantee others will agree with me.


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  Enchantable Member App The Fourth (specifically for discord role)
Posted by: Enchantable - 03-30-2020, 02:33 AM - Forum: Membership - Replies (12)


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  Lord of Darkness - Membership Application.
Posted by: Lord of Darkness - 03-25-2020, 11:25 AM - Forum: Membership - Replies (1)

Age: 24.

Steam Name(Current): Lord of Darkness.

Time played on servers?(!time username to check): 88 hours, 50 minutes, 28 seconds. Or so.

Where did you hear about this server?: Mostly from NTG, but it was years ago and I could've heard about it from anywhere.

Have you ever been banned and why?: Not to my knowledge.

Why do you want to join?: I've been playing for years (with a hiatus or two thrown in for good measure) and I figured that I might as well put in an application if I keep coming around.

Referred by: None.

Additional Details: Nothing really. The only thing I can think of is that people might not know me since I took a year-ish hiatus recently and I'm freshly back from it.

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  [Easter] Prims, legends, new weapon types, prefixes, and Suffixes
Posted by: Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch - 03-25-2020, 01:13 AM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (1)

Easter suggestions for either pass or crate:

Unique April Fools item:
"A Funny" gun or "of Laughter"
- plays an old 50s laugh track
-multiple different types of laugh tracks
-players are forced to "act laugh"
-chance of the User to "act laugh"
-(act laugh is played when a laugh track is played)
- the user laughs (gmod stock laughs) at every other shot they shoot
-make it sound like the user is a maniac while they shoot
-Players cannot move or shoot while in the "act laugh" animation

Accuracy: -15%
Damage: +35%
Firerate: +20%
Reload Speed: -23%

Lore: Most Laugh tracks were recorded in the 1950s. You're hearing dead people laugh.
Unique Prefixes:
-"Time to get Funky" weapons
Damage: -30%
Stability: +10%
Accuracy: +10%
Reload Speed: +40%
Unique Trait: Plays Cha Cha Slide by Dj Casper and moves to the song

One the song says move to the left the player moves left; same with right; jumps, and for stomps the player crouches; When "Cha cha real smooth" the Player moves forward and back; Criss Cross the player moves left and right. When the Song says to clap the player shoots +attack. When the trait procs the player has reduced jump height.

-"Eggy" weapons
Damage: +55%
Firerate: +20%
Stability: -10%
Accuracy: -85%
Mobility: 5%
Reload speed: +10%
Catalyst Chance 40%
Unique Ability: Your weapon will shoot out an egg that deals no damage but splats an egg on the screen of an opposing player. The opposing player receives a visual effect of egg splatted on their screen slowly falling down their screen staying up for a max of 10 or 12 seconds.

-"Hopping" Weapons
Unique ability: When the Player shoots they have a 1/x chance to cause the target to have +3000% jumpheight for up to 20 seconds.
Damage: +10%
Firerate: -20%
Jumpheight +100%
Mobility: 25%
Stability: +15%
Catalyst Chance: 35%
Unique Suffixes:
-"of the Yolk"
Ability: has a 1/x chance to bind the target causing them to be slowed and have their vision fixed in only one direction for 3-10 seconds. (The direction they were facing as soon as they were proced).

-"Of the Whisperer"
Ability: Has a 1/x chance to play George Michael's Careless Whisper for 40-60 seconds causing naueseated vision the more the player moves.

Unique weapons:

-Rabbit Season (Scout rifle).
Deals 80 damage a hit to the body
1 bullet in the clip
Deals 70% more damage and 50% increased knockback to players using Bunny Crystals.

Enhanceable UMP to lvl +27 with 10 exp per kill
-Does not have the other Umptastic dmg to weapons traits
-Always has the Umptastic disorient trait
-Always has the Eggy trait and "of the Yolk" Suffix
Max Stats:
+5% to any stat
Damage: -15% - +50%
Firerate: -15% - +50%
Stability: -15% - +50%
Jump Height: -5% - +50%
Mobility: -15% - +50%
Reload Speed: Non-enhanceable -5%
Accuracy: Non-enhanceable -15%
45% catalyst

New Base weapon:

UTAS shotgun model from nexon:
Base Stats:
Clip: 14
Damage: 5-10 damage a pellet (based on range)
Pellets: 15
Accuracy: Moderately wide spread (0%? Default?; Pretty inaccurate)
Firerate: 2 shots a second
Reload speed: .2 seconds for each shell (it's a shell loading type of gun like pump)


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  Oof - Unban Request
Posted by: Oof - 03-24-2020, 04:40 PM - Forum: Unban Requests - Replies (12)

Steam Name (Current): Oof

Steam Name (During incident): Oof

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:37283403

Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/killer93738/

Name of staff you were banned by: Mousey

Length of the ban: perm

Would you like your ban shortened or repealed?: not sure prob shortened

Reason for ban: "die die die die die die die die die die"

Did you commit the actions stated in the ban reason?: unspecific ban reason, i don't know

What really happened?: The most I can remember was prop killing people

Additional details: I think I should've just got a couple of auto slays ngl

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  Just a reminder - Respect our Staff please.
Posted by: Brassx - 03-24-2020, 12:30 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (11)

Seeing the constant negativity lately, I really need to remind people that staff are players too. You don't need to agree with every decision they make, but if the way you express it is being a dick to them, that is not okay.

Without staff, the server would be pure chaos. It's NOT A JOB, it's a role. They volunteer their time to help maintain the order of the server, which is frankly NOT FUN AT ALL IN ITSELF. Don't tell them to 'do their jobs' when it's far from a job. A lot of you guys seem to think they are out to get you, that couldn't be further from the truth. Keep in mind if staff were even half as bad as some of you think, you would've been long since banned by them.. Don't ya think..?

More than a few staff have stopped playing partially because some of you make the server unenjoyable with your constant attacks and disrespect towards them. That is not okay, and those of you who continue it will be dealt with by me.

Bottom line: Be respectful to staff members. They are fellow players as well, we're all here for fun, and when you make things not-so-fun by constantly flaming them directly, or through passive aggressive remarks, it's not okay. I think it's healthy for players to not be afraid to state if they are displeased with a decision staff(or myself) has made, but please do so in a more respectful way, and remember staff are not robots. They are people with emotions too. If the way you express yourself involves attacking the person, that's not okay.

I encourage people to come to me or unpoke if they are displeased with a staff member's decisions on something, but please have supporting evidence.

I'd like to end this by thanking our staff members for all of their hard work, and putting up with these people, and my sporadic schedule for things. Even the ones who may not be active anymore, still at one point helped a great deal. We wouldn't be where we are without you guys helping the server out. Even if some players don't appreciate you, just know that I very much appreciate all of you.

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Posted by: Jaceper - 03-22-2020, 07:45 PM - Forum: Shit Posting - Replies (4)

penis pooping

When do i get memeber?

(03-22-2020, 07:45 PM)Jaceper Wrote:  penis pooping

When do i get memeber?
this shit is brokem
reply not wotk

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  Crimbo's Member Application
Posted by: Crimbo - 03-22-2020, 04:05 AM - Forum: Membership - No Replies


Steam Name(Current):Crimbo

Time played on servers? (!time username to check):255 hours

Where did you hear about this server?: I was an old player from NTG and come over

Have you ever been banned and why?: nope

Why do you want to join?: Well I might as well be a member here if I'm going to spend a lot of time here

Referred by: Nobody

Additional Details: I've been playing on these servers for quite a while now and I noticed myself playing on here a lot more now so I thought why not try to become a member.

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  Keaton - Membership Application
Posted by: Keaton - 03-20-2020, 11:24 PM - Forum: Membership - Replies (7)

Age: 17

Steam Name(Current): Keaton

Time played on servers?(!time username to check): TTT - 62, Lobby - 17,

Where did you hear about this server?: I was looking for a better community than Moat, and honestly thought that there was little hope for sophisticated systems in TTT. When I came across FRG? At first I thought it would be more TTT garbage - but after closer inspection and putting more of my time into the server, I realized this was the pinnacle of what TTT should be.

Have you ever been banned and why?: I have not.

Why do you want to join?: When I came across this server, I was truly astonished by all of the hard work that continues to be put into it. The server had so many learning curves that at first I was a bit overwhelmed, but with so many people here to help me and support me through the various systems, I felt welcome. Every step of this journey has been incredible, and I'm prouder than ever to say I've 'wasted my time playing games' if it means I get to continue to interact with the community that is FRG TTT.

Referred by: N/A

Additional Details: This is one of the first places I have ever felt the want to invest my time. The whole experience has been astounding, and I sincerely hope that, no matter the outcome of my application, I will have the honor to continue contributing to the server as a whole. Thank you for your time.

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  trident (change)
Posted by: cheny bemotorizedwheelchair - 03-19-2020, 07:23 PM - Forum: Buffs, Nerfs, and changes. - Replies (7)

So, ive recently bought a trident, and ive noticed the painfully awful task of getting 6 EYES, 6 ENRAGED EYES, AND THEY ALL HAVE TO BE EITHER TRADABLE OR UNTRADABLE.

Now, if your like me and dont have 7 stormforged augs 3 sag ccds and a team of scientists to calculate the exact angle of getting an enraged eye, you'll realize that this is insanely challenging and nearly impossible.

Now, if you think about it, why does it take one jewel, to put tree root on a scepter, and one abyssal jewel, to put the mobi trait on a achreon, but SIX enraged eyes to enrage a trident...

All im suggesting is that we lower it to one, the fact that its 6 makes no sense, and makes it nearly impossible to do, enraging a trident does arguably less then tree root or mobi trait, so why is it like this.
Just please, please lower it to one, or just make it an entirely different task, maybe even get kills with it, like x amount of kills enrages it.
Im not sure how it can be changed other then just being lowered, but just change it from 6, please.

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