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  Racism Rule Reformation
Posted by: Unpoke - 07-13-2019, 07:15 PM - Forum: Server Rules - No Replies

Quick PSA to you guys regarding our "racism" rules:

Through various instances of rule violations, we've determined some(most) incidents of breaking said rule has not warranted a permanent ban, and as such, we will be making the "official punishment" for it a little more accurate.

While we still feel strongly that The N Word should still not be heard or seen on FRG's servers, the punishment for violating that rule should be based entirely regarding the situation it's involved with. Situations where it's said as an actual slip up, not intended to attack someone, or other 'harmless' examples should be reviewed separate from those that are with malicious intent (i.e using it as actual racism, attacking someone with it, joining new and spamming it).
Staff should analyze each situation as its own and determine what time frame seems just.

Here are some rough guidelines of about where things should line up:

  • First incident: Warning (please use the "response" command in your !menu to divulge the warning, that way the server can see it's been dealt with and there is confirmation it has been seen and acknowledged.)
  • Second incident: One week ban.
  • Third incident: Two week ban.
  • Fourth incident: One month, and please make Brassx or myself aware of it.

Causes for outlier punishments:
  • Intent
  • Time since last occurrence
  • Server rank (Member, Staff, etc.)

Posted here so it can be found and referenced easier.

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  Crafting/Rune/Slab Suggestions
Posted by: Nivendo - 07-13-2019, 08:31 AM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (1)

We need a few more slabs, because we have either run out of slabs to discover or are getting oddly unlucky. I figured I'd suggest a few runes/crafting suggestions that I think a lot of higher tier crafters would appreciate:

Rune of Amnesia - Reroll a gun or catalyst back to its original blank form. These original forms can still roll traits and suffixes of their own, but will always have their implicit. (Ex: Stormforged, Hade's Furnace, Vindictive, etc)
Rune of A Lost Memory - Remove a specific trait or suffix of your choosing from a gun or catalyst.
Rune of Bloodletting - Remove a random trait or suffix from your gun or catalyst. (Cannot be the gun's implicit)
Rune of Maliciousness - Randomly modifies any gun or catalyst with one or multiple effects: (Doesn't necessarily need to include all of these but I like the risk-reward factor)

  • Destroy the gun or catalyst
  • Add/Remove random suffixes or traits to the catalyst/gun, including Malicious-only traits and suffixes
  • Make the gun/catalyst untradeable
  • Increase/Decrease the gun/catalyst's maximum trait count permanently
  • Increase/Decrease the rarity of the gun/catalyst and change it to a random respective tier
  • Make the gun/catalyst unable to be dismantled/altered/modified with jewel, etc (in the case of a catalyst, can only be crafted one more time.)
  • Randomize the gun's weapon type
  • Add Gilded/Lucky trait, regardless of trait cap. (I'm a bit against this one, but it's an idea nonetheless)

EDIT: These would be obtained through crafting. Probably a specific combination of runes along with prim/legendary shards, etc.

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  Goodnight FRG 277/365
Posted by: edit - 07-13-2019, 12:36 AM - Forum: Shit Posting - No Replies


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  Goodnight FRG 276/365
Posted by: edit - 07-12-2019, 12:08 AM - Forum: Shit Posting - No Replies


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  Goodnight FRG 275/365
Posted by: edit - 07-11-2019, 07:36 AM - Forum: Shit Posting - Replies (1)


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Posted by: Forbidden Daddy Niles - 07-10-2019, 08:06 PM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (1)

Make a crate that you craft using fragments, and they can drop crafting only traits or base weps at a 1/2 ratio, but make them worse than Keys, being they can ONLY drop whatever tier rarity recipe you used. Make it something like;

Tier I crate; 25 common frags, 50 scrap
Tier II crate; 25 uncommon frags, 50 common frags, 100 scrap
Tier III crate; 25 unlikely frags, 50 uncommon frags, 100 common frags
Tier IV crate; 25 rare frags, 50 unlikely frags, 100 uncommon frags
Tier V crate; 25 legendary frags, 50 rare frags, 100 unlikely frags
Tier VI crate; 25 primordial frags, 50 legendary frags, 100 rare frags

Feel free to -1 this if you think it's too "Powercreep", but I made an effort to make it way too resource intensive to be OP and still worse than Keys cuz they cant get higher tiers out of them.

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  New baits + Rune of power suggestion
Posted by: Kavid Ding - 07-10-2019, 07:34 AM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (6)

So First of all lets talk about the rune of power Nobody wants em whenever you get one in the rune crafting 99% of the people will just market them for the lowest price.

So Why not make it so after its done make it a low chance that it might let you keep the godlike permanently like a 0.005%

And bait ideas.
Masterbait: price 1000 fishdosh.
Effect: Catching fish in rapid succession increases the speed and chance of more letters up to a certian amount.

Lazy bait: Price 350
Effect: Auto Re-cast on failed catch For you know lazy people who just wants to use the keyboard and not a mouse to click
Could just bind a key to do it for you but eh just a suggestion

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  Goodnight FRG 274/365
Posted by: edit - 07-10-2019, 06:53 AM - Forum: Shit Posting - No Replies


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  Quality of Life Update for Backpacks and Containers
Posted by: Forbidden Daddy Niles - 07-09-2019, 09:52 PM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (2)

Awhile back, Brass posted a video in discord where he could freely place an item in an unnamed container wherever he wanted and it stayed there ant it had the caption "Soon."
Every since that post, I've been coming up with several quality of life updates that Backpacks and Badges could really use.

Lets get the obvious stuff out of the way;
1. Give us the feature you teased where you could freely move around items in your backpack.
2. Let us stack items into a backpack that is full, but contains the same kind of item (For Ex, you cant stack coins into a full backpack EVEN THOUGH there's a coin stack already present inside of it)
3. Let us auto-sort a backpack through button or automatically by; Rarity (Asc/Desc.), Stack Size (Asc/Desc), Alphabetical Order (Asc/Desc) etc

Now the stuff I thought of that would make backpack management
1. Whitelist/Blacklist. When enabling a bag to auto-contain items, there should be a Whitelist or Blacklist so you can choose what items OR rarities should/shouldn't go in
2. Let Challenge/Discord badges be put into a badge pouch. I know they can contain items, but so can FRG Steamgroup and Donator badges and they can be put into pouch too.
3. Give us more options for UI themes. It's been years and there's like 7 different UI themes that you can choose from.

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  Scattershot Change
Posted by: Nivendo - 07-09-2019, 05:01 AM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (15)

I was using the scattershot today and I honestly feel as if it's just another weapon for innocents to one-shot traitor and make them feel miserable. My scattershot isn't even leveled and already I feel like I'm ruining people's day. On a traitor round, the gun is balanced and requires you to execute one or two innocents at a time or be overwhelmed. It's great for that. But the downside is that it's loud and you're out of a magazine after two shots, giving an opening for an innocent or detective to close the gap and kill you before you reload.

However, on an innocent or detective round, this isn't an issue. You can unload both shots with no repercussions and even instantly kill a traitor in one shot, even with the armor damage mitigation. You can do that with a normal shotgun if you hit every bullet, but the scattershot has eight individual bullets that are extremely accurate and have great range in a set pattern, especially in a close space like indoors. I have consistently had my traitor rounds ended on maps like this where I have no choice but to approach an innocent or detective using the scattershot, and died with no surprise. I legitimately am trying to avoid engaging people using the gun because I know I'll die.

Now, I know there's going to be people opposed to this, because they just discovered the gun and want to have fun with it, but I feel the range and damage should be lowered in favor of giving it a significantly faster reload speed and deploy time to allow it to be a stronger gun overall, while lowering the burst damage of it. The deploy speed will help swapping to and from your secondary, which you'll be doing a lot assuming you need to finish someone off or swap back from your secondary in the middle of a gunfight, while the reload makes it more reliable overall and more realistic that you'll be able to use it as a traitor to engage more than one innocent.

I don't know how everyone else feels, but I know at least a number of people that are legitimately not playing TTT right now until the use of the gun dies down. Hopefully it's changed for the better, because it's not fun to play against right now.

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