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Easter Suggestions 2020

Shit suggestions yes?

Enhanceable Primordial Tier
Literally Cannibalistic except it does bonus damage to all gun with Easter Traits. Including past and future ones.

Legendary Tier
Accuracy: +10% to +15%
Clip: -3
Damage: 0% to +10%
Deploy Speed: +20%
Firerate: +15% to +18%
Mobility: +5%
Stability: -12%
*Every hits puts a stack of Quicksilver on the target for 2-3 seconds (Everytime a stack is applied, the timer is reset. Everytime the timer runs out, 1 stack is removed.) Each stacks tints the target's screen into a green-like color which gets heavier the more stacks there are. Every 2 stacks increases the damage taken by the target by 10%.

Enhanceable Primordial Tier
Goes up to +15
Accuracy: -10% to +20% 3 enhances to max
Clip: +4
Damage: -5% to +35% 7 enhances to max
Deploy Speed: 0% to 20% 1 enhance to max
Firerate: -10 to +15 6 enhances to max
Mobility: 5% to 15% 3 enhances to max
Stability: 10% to 40% 3 enhances to max
Reload Speed: -15% to 0% 1 enhance to max
High chance to spawn with Phoenix
*Upon getting hit while this weapon is held, 1 in 10/15 to heal you for 1-4 health per second for 10 second. Healing is dependent on the light level of where you're standing. Kind of like reverse Cerberus.

Also, please make it so any Extincts made during easter event is renamed to Eggxtinct instead

I'll think of more soon, too tired right now.

New stuff pog

Egg Blast
Prim/Exotic Unique Shotgun
*Holding left click loads eggs into the shotgun until 8 eggs are loaded or you let go of left click.
After 8 eggs are loaded or left click is released, shoot all currently loaded eggs out like a shotgun.

Primordial Unique M1911
Accuracy: -30%
Clip: -2
Damage: -40%
Headshot Damage: -10%
Stability: +99%
*Shoots 3 pellets per shot.

Lucky Egg
Legendary Misc
While this is equipped, increases your chances of dropping a loot orb by 5% from all sources.

Golden Lucky Egg
Primordial Misc
Acquirable by crafting 9 Lucky Eggs together
While this is equipped, increases your chances of dropping a loot orb by 8% from all sources.

A gun with -100% damage that sprays azuredge balls that do no damage
drops on april 1st

Bumper new shit

April Fools Suggestions:
Gun of any type that has a chance of one of the many sound clip on hit effects, such as "of touch" or "of discord" or the moan trait

New sound effect trait of just the first 4 notes of megalovania

Rumble's Legacy - A glock that deals no damage, but creates a knockback for the wielder on every shot that could be used for extra height.

General Suggestion:
New headshot sfx of the "Headshot" sound from Unreal Tournament 1999

Easter Suggestion:
Copypasta of an old suggestion of mine
Fortuna: Shotgun

Uses the shotgun model from BioShock 1

Cannot aim down sights, as right click is used for switching ammo types. There are 3 ammo types. Every time you switch ammo types, the gun must be reloaded completely.

Ammo type 1: Normal shotgun pellets, with a faster fire rate and higher damage than the other two types that can be loaded into the shotgun
*Typical shotgun, only better. Really, the best for catch all situations, but those seeking a little flavor for their shotguns are more looking for the other two ammo types. Also, I don't want another First Prayer situation, so don't make it so that it can one shot at medium distance consistently. I think that's a bit much, even though it is possible to be countered.

Ammo type 2: Fire pellets, with significantly decreased damage, but have a stacking mechanic of each pellet hitting adding a fire damage timer stack.
*I would say this should be used as a desperation move, using it to try to guarantee a kill after death. Of course, it all depends on the pellets that hit, and if used for long range should deal almost no damage, as the fire damage should be negligible if only one pellet hits. Also, the gun is unable to be found with the Phoenix or Firewalk traits.

Ammo type 3: Shock pellets, which depending on how many pellets hit, reduce speed for a short time. If most pellets hit, then speed should be reduced by 75%, for a second. If a couple hit, speed should be reduced by 15 - 35%, for ~.25 - .5 seconds.
*This is for mobile targets, or making sure you can make a second shotgun shot count. Unless you're shoving this down someone's throat, it should not 1 shot.
This makes it good for subduing targets that are running away, or are trying to use warrior dash to get to or away from you, as well as someone with mobi boost or christmas orb.

Alternative Godlike ideas:

Unreal Gattler - Levelable Huge

Upon reaching max rank, the gun becomes the minigun from Unreal Tournament 1999, having an accurate, fast, and damaging primary fire. When using alt fire, the accuracy decreases drastically, while the firerate increases drastically. There is a short spin up time on the primary fire, with there being longer spin up time with the alt fire. If starting firing with primary fire, then switching to alt fire, there shouldn't be an extra gap in firing, as the spin up started with the primary fire

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