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Maps you dislike/have problems

construct is like our only good sniping map if you remove is i will eat everything in my medicine cabinet

I would say remove the duplicate map like the extra 67th way, minecraft b5, community pool, etc. Other than that I'd only want zm_countrytrain removed since there are spots to get out of map along with the annoying af door squeak that everyone can here.

I think the other maps we have are great, but I'd much rather play new maps so please add a whole bunch Big Grin

We could always remove bad maps so their isnt any harm in play testing them and getting the community's opinion

gm_construct and gm_flatgrass: These two maps are far too large for TTT and overall not designed for TTT in any shape or fashion. Plus, they both have sniper fever; most traitors will stick to sniping from very far away where the only way to fight back is to countersnipe or hide...which doesn't exactly provoke strategic gameplay from either side.
ttt_christmastown: The map is too small for FRG's rendition of TTT and I personally despise the map for its small size and very high difficulty for traitors to work effectively. Also, people keep fucking voting for it like coME THE FUCK ON PICK A BETTER MAP AAAAAAA
ttt_NTGrooftops: The map is clearly broken in places. Not gamebreakingly broken, granted, but the obvious invisible textures, black sky in places and skybox not functioning correctly are evident signs of a map that needs replacing. Besides, don't we already have a version of this map that actually works? (i.e. ttt_ntg_rooftops_re_final)
ttt_rogueport: I'm okay with the map not being removed, I just don't wanna have to keep hitting my stopsound bind every time a new round starts. Maybe an edit would be better for this map?
ttt_warehouse: An okay-ish map, again not a map I'd want removed...if people didn't spam Spider Pheromone on it (which spawns the Spider Queen) which will basically crash other players' games to desktop at random at any point during the Spider Queen round, often multiple times in a row and in one case almost making the entire server completely unplayable. Personally, I'd just completely disable Spider Pheromone usage on this map and leave it at that, if at all possible.

(10-09-2019, 08:55 PM)Mousey Wrote:  construct is like our only good sniping map if you remove is i will eat everything in my medicine cabinet

There are so many other sniping maps tho.

Also deal on eating everything in your medicine cabinet

remove all maps that aren't halloween and bobomb battlefield
Bouncy Rounds

i dislike -gm_bobomb_battlefield_a3
1. there are some jump pads that just kill you and useless
2. its big and open, there are some little rooms that you can use the teleporters
3. if you know the map you can literally get into a spot where you will never die especially when the traitor is new and doesn't know what there doing.
5. cant even do all the quests unless you have grapple.
4. i dont like the map overall
(4th is my option)

also +1 to revote contruct

-1 to revote construct, good map, just don't get sniped lul

Get rid of gm_construct and replace it with gm_flatgrass and/or edit bluegrass so that you die if you jump off. (It would be a quick fun map when played and I don't think anything is wrong with a quick map)

Construct is too big and not fun in my opinion (I don't want a long post so I won't go into too much detail). I agree it is one of the sniping maps, however other sniping maps don't get picked as much either because majority of players don't choose creative maps and tend to pick the same maps, in my experience. Construct is mostly only fun as a sniping map, other than that it's boring and too big. I like big ttt maps but construct is too bland. All the action is either on the skyscraper tops for sniping or on the one side of the lake for all other guns. Half of the map is rarely used as well.
Bobomb is fun and I like the creativity the map offers with all the bombs and cannons (sure you die 90% of the time but I like to have Fun on ttt with stuff that extends beyond just the guns and stuff FRG offers as a "TTT" server. I like having the maps push a new playstyle like Flatgrass.

Also I'm serious add gm_flatgrass back and get rid of construct

Keep Bobomb battlefield
Add gm_flatgrass
Remove gm_construct

(10-12-2019, 06:18 AM)Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch Wrote:  Get rid of gm_construct and replace it with gm_flatgrass and/or edit bluegrass so that you die if you jump off

fun quick map, everyone would like it

-everyone liked that
Also I'm serious add gm_flatgrass back and get rid of construct

yeah this is a very smart man. except one thing i didnt like about flatgrass is how you could reach the world limit. maybe the boundary could be extended a bit so you can go out further?

(Second post to include more maps i'll increase my list later since I am making this late)
-de_sonic (the map has an annoying defect where the ceiling is open for players to exploit and they do it anyways; also I have had many experiences of delayed rounds here
-titanic: the map is huge and only half of it is played; i don't like it and I feel other plays don't like it either (I don't know the name of the other titanic map but i hate both [NOT roytheship thats a good map])

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