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Maps you dislike/have problems

It's that time again. Tell me any maps you dislike or think have issues that make them unplayable or need to be removed. Parade and I have added quite a few maps to FRG over the last 6 months. We have 161 maps on the server in total! I will probably make one of these threads every 6 months to keep the FRG map pool in good shape. ANYONE that comments ANY map will get that map added to the voting screen UNLESS there has already been a vote previously on that map.

The map vote page can be found here: https://forerunnergaming.org/forums/maps.php
The map vote archive can be found here. https://forerunnergaming.org/forums/maps_archive.php

The maps we have on the server currently are as listed. I'm not taking the time to include a screenshot but a quick google search should help if you are unsure about a map.


All of them


I like them all honestly

I can totally finish my map and another one, cause I totally have motivation to finish it Smile

Outside of Construct, which has come to the point I just leave most of the time, most of the maps are acceptable.

I' m not that good in explaining and map names but i gona try my best. Here all maps i have problems with:

+zm_countrytrain_b4 - Not enough invisible walls, my problems with the map is that although i like open map that let you be creative with your pathing using mages,moon boots by going up building that shuriken can't but the building have no roof top even though it doesnt have invisible walls to prevent people from getting on top of it which may result in accident exploit as you can see through walls or just stuck in places you shouldn't be in. - Please Fix

+zs_abandoned_mall - some door is somewhat broken (can't press E to open, need to break it to walk through) - Please Fix

+gm_construct - either a slow T win or fast Inno win - it's either T take his time take out straggler after blinked on top building or try to bump rush and died. - Please Remove

+ttt_sands - fest or famine - map have no advantage what so ever for T with how easily you can get seen from almost half the map. - Please Remove

-ttt_frg_leviathan_final - in my opinion it too big with samey corridor and confusing layout. -Please Remove

I hate construct, way too open, way too many places to hide and camp. Just not fit for ttt at all. Many places are impossible to reach without certain items, and delay the rounds considerably. Can't think of any other maps I have major problems with.

Construct is a stupid map and has no place on TTT servers. The only people who voted to "keep" it before were trolls.

I agree wholeheartedly with the construct hate but we are the vocal minority when it comes to that map. Here is the previous poll. https://forerunnergaming.org/forums/maps.php?sid=24

tbh, opinions can change over time. It doesn't hurt to try and test the water again in the future. (in regards to construct)

iirc, one of ntg_rooftop has broken sky & invisible/no texture in some areas.
Can that be fixed? It's not entirely gamebreaking/unplayable, just could be done better.

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