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ScrubScrub -Membership Application

He is kind of obnoxious in ttt and will kill you for just about any reason. I've been blatantly kosed off weapon / location by him several times now and seen him do it to others. This is pretty obnoxious to deal with when people don't tend to do it that much on this server. Other than that can't say I've had much of a problem +0 / -1 Until I see him act better in ttt.

Can't say that I've enjoyed your company on the server. The first thing I noticed is how you screamed about something and that really rubbed me the wrong way. I don't even really see you play the server too much either. -1
Godlikes: 54/67+(5+ Unknown)

I'm personally going to put a +0. I had similar experiences to most of the other people commenting here but like I personally don't want to judge to quickly.

+0 I haven't directly had bad experiences with him, but based on the feedback I've seen I'll wait a little bit to make a verdict.

short fuse, hot temper. besides that, is fine.
would give it some time and try again.

I'd also put a +0, seems like he's causing some problems around the server but I wasn't involved so I'm not sure. I'd wait a bit.

Please take the feedback given.


- That Thrakos Noob

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