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ScrubScrub -Membership Application


Steam Name: ScrubScrub

Time played on servers?: 50+ hours on TTT and 8+ hours in the lobby

Where did you hear about this server?: I played NTG back when it was popularized and after getting bored of moat, I kinda just came across FRG incidentally, but I'm glad I did.

Have you ever been banned and why?: No, but I got banned from moat cause my brothers account got banned,
and since we used to use the same family computer, I automatically got banned for "Using an ALT act while banned". Never hacked, never will.

Why do you want to join?: IDK where to start, but because of this server I've met some really nice people who're incredibly inclusive (Dylan, BeeBee, Terran, Kazen, etc), and I see there's a lot of love and effort that goes into this server so It would be nice to feel like I'm really apart of the community, and that I'm contributing to something bigger than me.

Referred by: Dylan (He told me about the membership applications)

Additional Details: I have ADHD so sometimes I talk a little to much, It's something I've been working on it with new medications etc, so if you're playing with me you just tell me to shut up and I will.

+1 a generally kinda person who i haven't seen cause any trouble.

All I see is you being an ass towards players and clogging up the voice chat with garbage
I do not enjoy playing with you

you need to get to learn more and you are annoyingly toxic sometimes

Somehow more toxic than me and doesn't really understand some basic TTT rules. Overall unpleasant experience from when I've been on with you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Is rather toxic and bm's players frequently -1

-1 if this guy isnt banned for toxicity, idk how rick is

Sounds like you are a literal stereotype of the average moat player.

Great guy hands down solid dude. im not going to make judgment even though ive neevr played with you before because i have played a bit with you and i enjoy doing so every time. He can be serious when needs be and he spams mic as much as i do. If you dont like whats being said just mute.

+0 Not a player who I can actively recall a moment that he did something that upset me toxic wise or else, but also not a guy I could see being member for the time being. (Could be due to me trying not to let things bother me too much but i digress)

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