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Download link Here

I updated Kuriosity to fix a few things and make some changes, and added some new content to find on the map, I also optimized a little bit

For those who are interested, I'll post some changes to the map.


Added some trading cards by Taylordragons! You can find these around the map.
Added a ladder that goes up to the tester button and a red line to hint how to use the tester
Updated credits
Added more areas to safely jump down
Physic Props now fade once you move far away enough (besides important props) (866 fades)
Added Occluders
Added damageowner for the Flogger
Added extra soundscape
Some polishes


Fixed some reflections and textures
Vent hopefully wont spit you out the wrong way
Fixed classes for some props


Changed gold into actual gold
Changed a few textures
Moved props and objects for better navigation
Music radius smaller
Buffed "tricked!" T trap
Fixed text that wasn't showing.
Changed the image for track 9 (Easter egg)
Moved Golden Shovel (Easter egg)
Altered bossfight (Easter egg)

- Removed some props

If Brass adds this new version of the map, the changes will apply.



flogger flogger flogger

where is my card wtf

Can you please remove the 1o from edits name on that card? Thanks

I wasn't expecting an update but I'm glad you did, the cards are a perfect addition to the map as well are the other touch-ups.

I appreciate the changes and I hope everyone enjoys the map!

oh shit I'm in the map

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