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What would your S.P.E.C.I.A.L be?

But Tobias is jewish!
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Strength (10/10) - I'm massive in stature, I've crushed multiple foes
Perception (10/10) - My eyesight is literally perfection, often called "eagle-eyes" by my piers.
Endurance (10/10) - I don't ever run, never will, but probably could run non-stop if need be
Charisma (10/10) - I am LITERALLY a gift from god
Intelligence (1/10) - I was born with extra chromosomes, and as a result am mentally impaired.
Agility (10/10) - I have retard speed
Luck (1/10) - I was born with mental retardation so not lucky

Strength: 4/10 (I can lift 80 pounds barely and that's my limit)
Perception: 2/10 (take my glasses away and I'm absolutely blind)
Endurance: 4 or 5/10 depending on situtation
Charisma: 5/10
Intelligence: 6/10
Agility: 5/10
Luck: 8/10 (i play a shit ton of poker and win a lot)
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Strength: 1/10 (lmao can barely lift a 20 pound weight)
Perception: 4/10 (horrid eyesight, but notice weird things that a lot of people don't)
Endurance: 1/10 (I can run for about 10 meters and then I'm out of breath for 2 hours)
Charisma: 5/10 (People love or hate me, rarely in between)
Intelligence: 8/10 (Above average grades Big Grin)
Agility: 6/10 (I am a fast boi)
Luck: 10/10 (I'm still alive even tho I have no common sense at all)

Strength: 5/10 I can lift things but don't need help unless it's large or weighty

Perception: 6/10 I can see things fairly well without my glasses, even things people wouldn't normally notice. Of course, my other senses are fairly ok or even good. If I wore my glasses consistently its probably a +1 modifier

Endurance: 4/10 Lyme disease, general small frame, and doesn't work out other than walking and climbing hills around campus

Charisma: 3/10 I'm a nerd who plays video games consistently. As much as I'd love to say I can be a dashing rouge that's just not true

Intelligence: 7/10 I'm smarter than most, but not really the smartest in the bunch. I'm at least smart enough to know that I'm stupid enough to not be able to know or do a lot of things.

Agility: 6/10 Not bad when it comes to most things, as my small frame makes it easier to perform most flexible tasks, such as putting my foot behind my head. Lyme, makes it worse sometimes

Luck: 5/10 I have runs of really good and really bad luck. When you consider the spikes of good and bad, I'd say it's about even, maybe even a 6/10 if you really want to stretch it.

And that's it. Fallout is one of my favorite RPGS so I can't help but reply to stuff like this
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