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Finalrick Griefing with a Glitched Item

Steam Name of Offending Player(s): THEFINALRICK

Steam ID of Offending Player(s): STEAM_0:0:81990998

Map the event happened on: !Market

Date of event: 12/24/2018

What Happened?: So Finalrick has an item that makes your frames go down the drain and he loves showing it off. Currently he put up on the market the glitched item. If you go to market, you'll lose frames because of him. Also, he said he was going to donate to the giveaway and then showed me the glitched item. I had 100 frames then it crashed to below 10, forcing me to rejoin.

Edit: He removed it from the market about little after this post.

Witnesses: N/A


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From what i heard. he was warned not to show or do anything with it, but still puts it on market
(unsure tho, need a confirmation)

Edited: agreed with parade, from what it looks like its only a ordinary glock so no value and it just lags people.
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Should be taken out of his inventory tbh

Him having an item like that isn't a huge deal if he could handle it and not constantly troll with it, but it seems like he can't control himself and it needs to be removed.

As a punishment he should have to sell the item(to me) and then it won't be an issue.
The item would stay safe in my inventory, probably.
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I deleted it.

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