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Piam2900 Player report and possibly reevaluation of membership status.

Steam Name of Offending Player(s): Piam2900

Steam ID of Offending Player(s): STEAM_0:0:70036128

Map the event happened on: Cruise

Date of event: September 18

What Happened?:  ON the first round of cruise, I had popped a t token in the preparation phase that didnt proc.  Next round when it did, Piam instantly gunned me down with the excuse "You said you used a t token last round" as rightful cause for murder.  According to those in discord, this is rather evident metagaming.

Witnesses: Wizurdrous and JessetheUndeadCowboy

Evidence: Two (hopefully) attached screenshots.  Prior to the report, he was showing no remorse until actual staff came on and I was talking to people about using them as witnesses for this.

there was literally no reason to make a complaint on this, its a slay, also you rdm all the time for the dumbest reasons and no one has ever made a player complaint on you. You are the one that metagamed in this situation stating that you popped a T token btw.

ya idk why this was made. like fear said thats just a slay situation.

Sure, it would be considered metagaming, but this is very minor meta gaming. Like Panda and Fear said, a slay is all that's needed.

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