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haven't played in over a year or so, perma

(09-13-2021, 11:35 PM)psychedelic machine Wrote:  
(09-13-2021, 09:20 PM)Wizurdous Wrote:  
(09-13-2021, 08:31 PM)psychedelic machine Wrote:  I went on the discord to call someone over to check my appeal because I didn't want it being ignored or held up for long (as i want to return to gameplay asap) I asked that the thread was moved, closed- accepted or rejected etc. But just not ignored!! Thats why I wanted to call someone over and I brought attention to myself unwillingly as a result, where as I just want to really log in- check on my items and maybe just shrug some time off ingame as opposed to just waiting for a repeal or response (for half a week now, I only went there to ask for someone to check it because it was over 10 hours since I wrote/posted the original appeal and i was hesitant/excited to play again)

(09-13-2021, 06:34 PM)Reaver Wrote:  -1
To say you were genuinely, "a lot younger and stupid" when you did this is inane. This happened as donger said in March of this year, almost 6 months ago. I know for a fact I couldn't reform myself in 6 months if I tried, and the discord stuff leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It seemed as if you wanted to stir up trouble, either that or you didn't think about the consequences of your actions. How you wrote your appeal doesn't have you owning up to your actions but rather justifying them. End of the day I'm not the biggest fan of your antics within your appeal & discord. I don't think you have changed judging just by your wording within your appeal.

wording is one thing, being polite and meaning it is another thing. From the onset, writing the appeal was the justification to my actions and having spent that long (over a year) to come back as an assurance should be plenty. To argue the cause of the ban versus the cause of me trying to get unbanned is another thing. I would disproportionately say I cannot let myself in without prior acceptance- but I'm waiting for an arguable YES or NO, not just some community backlash or unrelated chaos. Getting unbanned and checking my appeal should not take this long or this much time, just please have someone interact an answer because four days of ingame dailies went by in the time of my waiting. Thank you.

An arguable yes/no? It's not our responsibility to create an argument for your case. The answer to a ban appeal is an inherent no. You've already been ruled upon. It's your position to make the argument, and ours to agree or disagree. You've failed to demonstrate how you'll be any less problematic. All you've done is lash out at people and make shit up.

maybe because of non moderators are calling out the shots and im waiting for this thread to be CLOSED

im just seriously waiting for this thread to die. Not for people to make callouts or judgements or point fingers. Its just whether or not i can return to gameplay, not have play jury to the court or make judgements that aren't in their realm of influence. Whether you voy=te yea or nay, its just really me struggling to enjoy anything out a leisurely gaming pasttime.

i have potentially one of the rarest items in the game, now its even rarer because i lack access to it. i want to be involved with trading, items and credit gambling.  i enjoy cosmetics and getting cool rares
1) your thread has been up for 3 days
2) you don't have to even think about this thread so its your fault for being so intimately involved
3) you don't have shit for items why are you such a compulsive liar

-1 do the format right my head

Generally don't support people who obsessively respond and start beef with people.
Also your main motivation for coming back being gambling screams to me that you ran out of money on whatever other ttt server you played and are trying to look for another fix.
Just doesn't sit right with me.

-1 Reading his responses either hurt my head or made me realize that he shouldn't be unbanned.

-1 who is this guy and what does he even stand for? Disgraceful thread, delete this immediately.

-1 Not even for bad format, just because he likes to sperg and fight literally everyone after making this unban appeal, tells us hes impatient so he complains so obviously he doesnt really care at all

I was right.


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