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Alibi exploiting, stuck outside map

(06-21-2021, 06:22 AM)Leyzr Wrote:  I do understand that, it happens, but you can't exactly blame me for it either. The tripwire did it's thing but the map decided to put them in the void.
Regardless, at the end of it, Alibi was out of the map and I was still in it. In any case like that, regardless of whether they're traitor/inno/or detective, they should kill bind, is what i understand from the rules.

If he had a way to get in the map and fight before the round ends, that's one story. However he deliberately sat in the void and refused to killbind on purpose (which you can see by the chat.)

Note that Alibi was outside of the map for a good minute before I had this recording, so it's not like there was only a few seconds left in the game.

Wasn't blaming you. But I don't think it's fair to make the innocent kill them self just because a T trap broke them. I am unsure what the proper way to do this. Obviously if staff was there then they teleport them into the map. (I'm guessing there wasn't any.)
Hoping a staff member replies to this and tells what the Ts and Inno can do in this situation.
(again no one to blame here, shit just happens)

https://medal.tv/clips/55977731/d1337cyhMBqw A clip of my side getting stuck + for all i know he could of purp placed the trip wire there So i would get stuck under the ground just to make it easy on him to win
, i was just chilling in the rift, im not going to kill bind just cause i was playing the game normally until a traitor put me out of the map

Don’t think he would memorize the exact location to get a player stuck out of the map lmao

Agree with parade on that, it was just gmod being gmod. Seeing how you said "now im going to win" when im sure you know the rules just seems deliberate :/

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