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Kcat's Eval rip

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Current In-game name: Kcat

Current Status(Away/active): Active

Do you feel you have done a good job(explain):
Well, I became way more active about a month ago and started to get back into gmod after a much needed break. I enjoy Gmod/FRG a ton more than I used to and it's pretty nice for a change. I feel like I've been doing an okay job although I could be doing better with handling situations. I can be toxic but that's just how lax I've become since I don't like being too uptight unless it's one of "those" days where I just don't wanna put up with shit. Even so, I think I've been doing an okay job regarding day to day things such as common reports and bans(haven't had to do many of).

Any additional testimony(if needed): Idk if some people may take me too seriously at times but honestly I joke around a lot and if that is a problem or gets too out of hand, just let me know.

This Evaluation has completed.

- That Thrakos Noob

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