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Some suggested maps III

Hello everyone! More Suggested maps.

Tested Using :
- 24 bots running with guns.
- mat_wireframe 1 in a lot of nooks and crannies

Map 1 - ttt_moarats

Description: It's slightly a barebones map. Basically like ttt_teenroom and ttt_dolls. FPS stayed around 90-100 for the most part.

Map 2 - ttt_luigis_mansion

Description: Very detailed map. Stood to 60-80 fps in most places, but dipped to 30-35 fps on the balcony, Parade has to look at this and see.

Map 3 - ttt_whomps_fortress

Description: My favorite out of this selection, 120+ across the board, perfect size, only downside, "stopsound" is required if players don't want to hear the level music.

Map 4 - ttt_brooklynninenine_0

Description: The office area gets around 30-50 fps, everywhere else is fine, the office has office ambiance, kinda neat.

I was just thinking about having a luigi's mansion map last night that would be poggers!!!


I want to add ttt_moarats but I literally cannot find it and I have no idea where it is, yet I can still launch the map. I searched addons folder, maps, the new spot where new addons are installed, even my other drive. If you find a .gma file in any of your directories please send it to me.

ttt_luigi_mansion is nice. all of outside renders most of the map but you can easily ignore the outside portion. I think this map is good to add

I love jump puzzles but a ttt map with jump puzzles as the entire map would not be fun to move around in.

ttt_brooklyninenine reminds me of ttt_skyscraper, but in some parts you render almost all of the map. I got 60 to 70 fps in a few areas. imagine how bad it would be with frg content on top of it.

oddly enough, I'm only seeing a .lst file and thats it

(11-23-2020, 01:43 AM)Khaine Kringle Wrote:  oddly enough, I'm only seeing a .lst file and thats it

Yep, same as well. ghost bsp.

+1 For ttt_brooklynninenine_0, Thought it had good ways to get around and its not as tiny as like McDonalds.
Wasn't really feeling any other maps.

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