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Feels good to be back

2+ years ago when i left the server i suppose, its felt more like 5 tho lol. Doubt people will remember me, and idk how active ill be but im here to enjoy the ride!
Also, im missing a bunch of textures on maps that i never had an issue on last time i was in-game. Anyone can help me on what i might be missing?

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Welcome back, personally have no idea who you are but older members are always welcome to come back. The reason why you might be missing textures might be for a few reasons, either you have too many addons installed on garrys mod, as that fucks with it quite a bit. Or you do not have download all custom files from server enabled. Or simply you don't have cs source or half life 2. I think we only use cs: source I'm not sure about half life 2 though. Those are just possible fixes that could help you out. Hope some of that works.

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