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Spoopy_Poochie RDM

Steam Name of Offending Player(s): Spoopy_Poochie

Steam ID of Offending Player(s):

Map the event happened on: Office Nightmare

Date of event: 10/13/2020

What Happened?: Mass RDM

Witnesses: Whole server

Evidence: Reports.

Just looking for an admin to come on and slay/ban him none are online.

Add the Steam_ID and some proof please, this is a big accusation and there should be some proof that someone can provide.

If I recall correctly he killed you rightfully, this whole thing stemmed from him rightfully killing you off association, you made a report, got mad that the +Member agreed it was a rightful kill then continued to complain the last 2 rounds of the map.

Seems like more of a rage report thread than an actual report, as you didn't provide any evidence to us or even grab the steam id or witnesses.

A +Member handled your report as well, so the report is done. If you really think differently, make a report or message a staff member about that +member.
If you at least had more information it would probably be taken more seriously.

From what I’ve seen you’ve done nothing but accuse and cry, and that’s a bold claim for such lack of evidence. You should lay off the rage and salt my dude.

Went fishing for an admin to come online to ban an rdmer and all I caught were some bottomfeeding forum trolls.

Well, thanks to other people, we found what you were talking about.

Consider filling out the entire thread next time you make a complaint thread on a player.

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