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Schleep - Discord Unban Appeal

Steam Name (Current): Schleep

Steam Name (During incident): Schleep

Discord ID : Schleep#7997

Name of staff you were banned by: Unpoke

Length of the ban: Perm

Would you like your ban shortened or repealed?: Repealed

Reason for ban: I may have posted a picture of spongebob showing half his peepee in general chat and deleted it instantly, got banned 3 days later when unpoke banned Tango and everyone snitched on me Sad

Did you commit the actions stated in the ban reason?: Yes

What really happened?: what i said above, i posted spongedick in general chat essentially

Additional details: I am sorry, I will not post things like that again, I just wanna be back in the discord its hard to sell/trade items and chat with other fellow FRG players when I cant communicate with them unless I have to get on Gmod
Anyways thank u even if i dont end up getting unbanned

I think it was an honest mistake of what he did and he deleted it right after.


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I am genuinely so happy that spongecocking is still a thing however do keep it out of general.
Maybe stick a week ban or something but it shouldn't be perma IMO.

I think you’re fine to come back. I can’t think of any other bad situation you’ve done before

Unban schleep, he's too swag to ban

bring schleep back, spongocock won't happen again

unpoke is racist

Update: Please Closed Thread, Brass has unbanned me

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