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The Mighty List of Fishing Update Ideas

Now that I have recently reached top 50 leaderboard fishing, I feel like I have an opinion on a fishing update.

Fishing at the moment is boiled down to getting two things, Rusty Keys or Loud Discombobs, but there could be a lot more to fishing in the future with how many I do see fish.

The two sections I'm going to put these into are changes/fixes and suggestions. Changes/fixes are going to focus on what is already in fishing, but could be changed or fixed to be a bit better. Suggestions are what could be in a fishing update at some point in the future.

-Change the amount of tidals that are given within Rusty Keys

-Change the amount of tidals that can be given from fishing sequences (You are given one tidal even if you finish a 3 letter, 5 letter, or even 7 letter sequence)

-Change the price or buff the utility of the rods within the fishing shop (Most of the fishing rods you can obtain purely by fishing or for just a few thousand coins on the market are better than all the rods in the fishing shop)

-Fix bait sometimes not automatically disappearing once fully used (ex. https://i.imgur.com/DDAxwpw.png; sometimes this'll come out of the socket once fully used and sometimes automatically disappear as I believe intended)

-Change the amount of letters some certain sequences can have like Shark (Some shark sequences, mainly only the godlike sharks, have the same amount of letters as a stormforged sequence. Although godlike sharks are the best for fish bucks

-BUFF HYDRA (Was paid to say that)

-Rename "NoIdeaWhatToCallThisCurrency" to "Fish Bucks" or something simple

-Add new fishing-level specific items and drops

-Add "Lost Scrolls" as a fishing-level specific drop or kraken drop that can introduce recipes similar to inscribed tablets in TTT which include fishing recipes for new rods, bait, and other new fishing items.

-Add more items into the fishing shop like rods, baits, and maybe even some items needed to craft items from Lost Scrolls

-Allow for certain high tier rods to be "enhanced" by purely fishing with them, unlocking new abilities and additions to the rod, some of which can include
Chance for rod durability to not be used on a catch by x%
Chance for bait durability to not be used on a catch by x%
Increase the amount of fishing xp gained by a catch by x%
Increase the chance to catch bigger fish by x%

-Add new low to high tier fish based on fishing level, some of which can include
Dolphin (Desc : Squeak squeak.)
Whale (Desc : Impossible...)
Hammerhead Shark {Alternative} (Desc : HOLY DJINN! How did this get in the lake?!)
Clownfish (Desc : We found him.)

-A new assortment of "Addons" that can be put on some rods to increase or change something about them. Some of which can include,
Bait Synergizer, allowing for two baits to be used at once.
Wood/Metal/Steel Rod Handle, increasing the chance to not use rod durability by x% (depending on handle).
Treasure Singularity, giving an x% chance to double your reel rewards.
Reinforced Shaft, giving 50% more durability to your rod when equipped.
Tasty Bait, increasing catching rate by x%

-A new primordial gun type called Deep Sea, which has...
-10% to -20% Accuracy
5% to 15% Damage
-20% Deploy Speed
0% to 10% Firerate
0% to 10% Mobility
30% Stability
35% Reload Speed
Has two given traits :
*Deals x% more damage while underwater.
*Deals x% more damage to enemies with more than 5,000 Base Health.
Also has one secret trait in which you take no drowning damage. This is meant to be an interesting hydra alternative.

These are just a few of the ideas I have at the moment for a cool fishing update. I will add more if I see some really cool ideas.

Big Grin man... 95% of this thread i agree with

great job man!

( make keys less rare at 7 letters, so stupid getting tidals from 7 letters Angry )

Y'know I think the real missed opportunity lies within the Rusty Key. I think it'd be a lot cooler if the key was rarer but you took out all of the shit that nobody is interested in from the chest.
Getting low-tier scrolls isn't going to excite anybody and the pitiful Tidal Crates is more of a cock punch than a reward.

Fishing is tedious and I think that to combat that tediousness you'd need some really rare shit to be fishable, something to keep you on your toes.
The reason fishing is so unexiting currently is because of the current loop of just fishing for rusty key since it's the only worthwhile thing that you can get from fishing.
So therefore just adding some very rare (possibly unique) items to the standard fishing pool would be my suggestion.

Obviously the main thing most people like to bring up is the fishbucks and the possibility of a fishing crate being purchasable, but I don't really agree with that idea.
I think it'd be better if all of that was implemented into the fishing system itself and fishbux was instead used to buy various lures and even possibly permanent upgrades.
Things such as a % Increase to Fishing speed and % Chance for rarer Items - with the buffs getting progressively more expensive as you rank them up.
So then as you reach the softcap you'd instead me incentiviced to buy lures.
The lures however also need some love.

Right now the only lures being used are the speed increasing ones and maybe the kraken lure.
So how about some new ones? I personally suggest a + Strength lure that makes you have a better chance of succeeding after fucking up a prompt, a + Rarer Shit lure and a + Longer Time / prompt lure.
Now I know that a lot of these wouldn't get used anyways BUT I think that they could tie into another thing fishing is lacking.
That "thing" being the Soulcatchers lack of a trait.
Most people have since long given up on the soulcatcher getting a trait but what if Brass gave it the ability to absorb lures for semi-permanent buffs.
Basically the Soulcatcher would suck up the "soul" from two lures and gain a randomized mixture of stats from those two lures (essentially give the lures a range they can roll from and roll them).
If you get bad rolls? You need to get 2 new lures and try again.
Now this doesn't really solve the problem of lures not being used but it'd make for a neat trait.

My final gripe with the current state of fishing is the lack of rewards or progression tied to your fishing level. It's really irrelevant sadly and I would like to see that changed.
The crafting system has really cool perks but fishing wouldn't need anything that fancy. % Buffs every 3 levels would make a large impact for very little effort and that leaves room for meaningful perks as well.

To summarize: The rewards are still bland. The fishing shop is irrelevant. There is no meaningful progression. There is no sense of reward for the current progression. The Soulcatcher should have a trait.
I want fishing to be good but it needs a lot of work to get there. (DM me Brass I miss you xoxo)

Fishing is the best it has ever been and does not need change

(05-18-2020, 01:55 PM)PandaCow Wrote:  Fishing is the best it has ever been and does not need change

It might be the best it has ever been, but just because something is the best at this point doesn't mean it's great. Ask anyone who is level 20+ in fishing and they'll tell you the only thing worth fishing for are keys and loud discombobs; and even then it's just only a boring distraction while you go do other things. Fishing could be made just a little more interesting and worth doing when you aren't getting a tidal for a 7 letter sequence, or sit there for 5 nightcrawlers to eventually get a rusty key that gives you 12 discouraging tidals (which you get in the same time just from purely fishing them up).

Sure fishing is nice but it can be just a little better with a nice fishing update that adds some changes and upgrades to it.

Honestly this is such a well thought out and good thread
definetly a big +1 from me

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