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[Change] Two Frag quests

There's a quest where you have to scan and kill 10 traitors with the traitor tester gun, and one where you need to follow the DNA to 10 traitors and kill them.
The latter isn't that bad, but its still a very slow quest and it only rewards 8 fragments. For example, the buckshot quest (Kill 10 people who have a shotgun) gives >25< fragments. That's also WAY easier.

These quests, if they're easy, should become something like "Scan and kill a traitor with the tester gun" (You still need to be a det, buy a tester gun, survive until its usable and scan the correct player, AND get the kill), and the DNA one should just be 2-3.

The shotgun one is hard as fuck wdym, no one uses shotguns.

I did it in like 3 hours, and I've done it in the past plenty of times. It used to be 30 kills and I've done it before...
It also gives 25 frags which is 1/6th of a godlike or masterwork core. Its 10 kills lmao just drop a shotgun for someone or get someone else to grab the quest and both use shotguns you silly billy.
Shits easy

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