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Buff Relentless Tier to either plus 9 or 10

Can we make it so relentless is at least on par stat wise with cannibalistic?
Max Stats for cannibalistic lvl10:
Acc: 15%
Clip: 1/1.7
Damage: 24%
Fire rate: 21%
Stability: -15%
Mobility: -1/3%
Reload: -10%
You can either put 1 final level for 3% mobility or 1 extra bullet in a clip.

Max Stats for Relentless lvl 8:
Acc: 11%
Clip: 1
Damage: 22/25%
Fire rate: 18.7/22%
Stability: -8%
Mobility: -4%
Reload: -10%
Due to damage requiring 5 levels and fire rate requiring 4, you can only max out either Damage at 25% or fire rate at 22%, but never both.

So at the end of the day relentless has worse accuracy, mobility, clip and either fire rate or damage with no upside, yet I would say cannibalistic is more common, can we at least let relentless compete at the lowest tier.

relentless is the lowest tier lmao

not sure who decided cannibalistic was but just because someone says it is doesn’t make it true

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