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Unban Request From Suggestion Channel

Steam Name (Current): GrimmWits

Steam Name (During incident): GrimmWits

Steam ID: GrimmWits#2526

Name of staff you were banned by: Not sure

Length of the ban: Unsure

Would you like your ban shortened or repealed?: repealed

Reason for ban: I kept suggesting to fix or improve the G11 model.

Did you commit the actions stated in the ban reason?: Yes

What really happened?: I never made an unban request for it, since I wasn't able to have access to forums for a while, and that I assumed it would be ignored If I made one anyways.It was most likely because my only suggestion was to improve the G11 model and I am sorry for that if that annoyed anyone enough to ban me from the channel. I have come up with some interesting and decent ideas, and its fairly difficult to not be able to share them in a reasonable capacity.

Additional details:None

Please use correct format
Minehuis: Pancakes
Rangerdanger0: Waffles
Rangerdanger0: lol rekt

I fixed it, sorry about that.

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