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[BUFF] Weapon Rebalance

Holy shit these guns are underused/total garbage.

P90/H.U.G.E 249: p90 cool and all but cant proc shit. huge suck balls and cant proc shit. pls buff proc chances.

MP5: Mac10 except it shoots slower and is a lot less accurate. Can't even 2 shot headshot anymore thanks brassx. pls bring 2 shot headshot back and massively buff stability. keep damage falloff super harsh so its a close range monster while being able to reasonably duel people in mid-long range. https://prnt.sc/seors4 KEKW NICE HEADSHOT DMG

Thompson: MP5 except it shoots slower and takes more time to reload than finishing building an IKEA furniture. pls remove the slower reload animation and remove damage falloff. Turn it into a low accuracy high power gun instead of just a close range ak.

MR-CA1: Still an aug except its complete garbage. Scoping in makes your firerate shoot slower than a snail. is this csgo? pls remove firerate slow when scoped in. The unscoped version feels fine as it is. An increase in its accuracy would be nice for a small decrease in firerate.

Pistol: haha fnp45 goes brrrr. No clue how to buff this. might as well make it shoot 3 bullets simultaneously like a shotgun and lower its damage+headshot dmg. also lower accuracy. Alternatively, remove semi auto from fnp and give that to the pistol instead.
Also pls buff banshee's wail, its a pistol but bad.

Famas: Still kinda shit even though its pinpoint accurate and has nearly no recoil. Slightly buff base damage so it does 20 on body and lower headshot dmg so it doesnt become 2 hit. ~40 on headshot with 0% damage seems fair.

AK47: Cool gun but suffers from a lack of body shot damage and relying on headshots to deal massive dmg. However, it is counter productive as the gun has mediocre accuracy and terrible stability. Same as famas, buff its body damage slightly so it deals 20 on body and try to keep headshot damage the same. The gun has a low enough firerate that it wouldnt melt people if they decide to just use it to shoot the body.

SG552: Personally I think the gun is fine but no one uses it. Give it like 4-5 extra bullet in its clip. Although that would make it arguably make it much stronger than the galil for pvp.

TMP: But voxl this gun has massive pwr on heroic??? it has to be good. I don't think i've seen a single person this year use a tmp outside of a molten in ttt because the proc is broken as fuck. A stability buff would be nice. nobody uses this in pve anymore anyways. The high pwr is mostly artificial due to its high reload speed and massive clip.

ACR: Could use a slight body damage buff like the ak and keep headshot dmg the same. up to like 18 at 0% perhaps?

On a side note, pls let people reinvig their Mysterious. At least until it turns into either legendary or primordial.

EDIT: Alright so it seems like some people don't understand the reason for these changes I'm asking for. What I want isn't to turn every guns into high tier galil/aug meta. It's more of trying to make them not awful to use and to make a few of them not a straight up downgrade from other ones.
I personally do not see the galil and aug in their current form as being overpowered. It's more about the other weapon types being bad.

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Pistol: Needs a fire rate buff, it's basically a secondary m16 with less than half of the fire rate of one.

One of the biggest issues is that some guns, despite being automatic, have no damage falloff (See: Galils), which makes a gun like a TMP instantly worse. If you stack stability and accuracy, you can easily range a map and spray people down with powerful guns. I'm not sure why this has never been changed, but I assume brass is too worried about the backlash our insane, pants-on-head retarded "community" can give.
But yes I agree with most of these points, though not all.
Another one of the issues is that we have TOO MANY SIMILAR BASE GUN TYPES. You can't really change them without making them all feel the same. So, even if you buff MP5 and SG's, people will just look at the fact galils have higher base clip and the same sort of fast firing prowess and choose those.
If changes are made, they should be to make the guns feel more unique. I'm not sure how, maybe different sorts of recoil, but it'd be the greatest change.

P90's and MP5's are good, maybe not up to grade, but they're not severely underpowered. MP5's are a bit niche and could use a change, though. I have been absolutely ASSFUCKED by P90's before however.
Pistol has been worthless ever since glocks got suffixes (When I got a glock with corrosion, I never went back) and the fact deagles one-hit headshot. But the pistols are in a hard place to balance I feel...Except the FNP .45 is 10x better so just make the pistol one hit headshot, double the firerate and give it a 100% chance to crit for triple damage and maybe it'll equal the stupid fnp 45.

Also I can confirm the TMP is DOGSHIT in PVE. I can't beat worm queen in 80 seconds with a molten one with very very good stats, yet a heroic galil does it in maybe 50 seconds for me without sweating. I don't know *why*, but it just feels like a wet noodle and its terribly unfun to use. However, I also still think its VERY STRONG close range and I don't want to see it become some sort of stupid laser like the galil is over distances. It has its close quarters niche, so I sorta agree and sorta don't.

Basically everything else I agree with though.

If I had a choice, I'd start with balancing the overpowered guns first, and then switch to improving the weaker guns.
That won't happen, but its what I'd do.

thompson just needs to get rid of the second reload

pistol needs more base fire rate

MP5/TMP should be global and not just from 2 crates

honestly damage fall off should just be removed since it limits so much for PVE and it would change pretty much nothing for pvp

Famas/Mrcal should have their sound reduced to give them some perk to use.

(05-11-2020, 08:10 PM)PandaCow Wrote:  honestly damage fall off should just be removed since it limits so much for PVE and it would change pretty much nothing for pvp

falloff doesn't affect PvE at all...
It also heavily matters for PvP and shouldn't be removed.

Damage falloff should affect ALL of the automatic guns.
MRCA1, AUG (scoped in), M16, Deagle, Pistol, Rifle, ETC shouldn't have damage falloffs, but if it fires rapidly when held down it should to varying degrees. Except for PvE. Make it so no guns suffer falloff (If they do anyways).
Like, I tried to fight kraken w/ a molten TMP and the best it did was about 5k damage.

1. Fix Thompson reload.
2. Defiantly buff the huge in some way.
3. Also buff pkm in some way.
4. Fire rate on pistol would make it a little better.


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