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Keaton - Membership Application

Age: 17

Steam Name(Current): Keaton

Time played on servers?(!time username to check): TTT - 62, Lobby - 17,

Where did you hear about this server?: I was looking for a better community than Moat, and honestly thought that there was little hope for sophisticated systems in TTT. When I came across FRG? At first I thought it would be more TTT garbage - but after closer inspection and putting more of my time into the server, I realized this was the pinnacle of what TTT should be.

Have you ever been banned and why?: I have not.

Why do you want to join?: When I came across this server, I was truly astonished by all of the hard work that continues to be put into it. The server had so many learning curves that at first I was a bit overwhelmed, but with so many people here to help me and support me through the various systems, I felt welcome. Every step of this journey has been incredible, and I'm prouder than ever to say I've 'wasted my time playing games' if it means I get to continue to interact with the community that is FRG TTT.

Referred by: N/A

Additional Details: This is one of the first places I have ever felt the want to invest my time. The whole experience has been astounding, and I sincerely hope that, no matter the outcome of my application, I will have the honor to continue contributing to the server as a whole. Thank you for your time.

i seem to have had problems with a lot of new players, but this guy isnt one of them, good dude, funny, hopefully will be here for a long time. +1
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Keaton is a great guy honestly and i haven't had/seen any problems with him +1

Cool guy, never had/heard of any problems +1

+1 Cool guy, gives off cool vibe when playing with him even though people poke at them a bit

pretty alright guy
change that steam bio tho bro

I haven't had any problems with him and tends to liven up the rounds.

+ 1

I would consume 20 books for this guy, and not mentally, physically. +1

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