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Terrible monthly suggestion

So, like, a monthly that's a box or cube or something. Call it a Pandora's Box or Horadric Cube for gamer points. Every 24 hours you can use the box thing and it'll randomly generate 4 godlike/exotic guns to pick from. You can choose the one you want and you get that gun for 4 hours (Like the rune of power, untradeable and all that of course). The guns can spawn with random traits (Think like Shrine guns). The box can be reused. Untradeable while a temporary gun is created.

Now before you scream OP, its basically an unlimited rune of power that gives you a few options of some fun stuff to use. Maybe it'll generate a thrakos with I'M TOUCHING YOU, a nexus repeater with half gilded, a bow with silence on headshot and a deimos with 1 in 2 chance to reload 2x faster. Just fun stuff that you could mess around with.

Vote yes or leave my presence, fools

nerf ocarina k thx

Not rly monthly worthy but as a craftable, maybe.

also nerf ocarina k bai

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