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Soulshardcore - Membership Application

Age: 21

Steam Name: Soulshardcore

Time Played on Servers: 642 Hours on TTT and 82 hours on Lobby

Where did you hear about this server?
I found it a couple years back, had a hankering to play Devolved but the owner of that shut down his servers. I tried NTG and it was terrible, but found FRG and thought it was pretty alright

Have you ever been banned and why?
I might have been temp banned once or twice because of being a shithead, but nothing permanent or longer than a day or two I'd say.

Why do you want to join?
I finally hit level 100. I've said that I'd submit my app when I hit level 100, and here we are. Besides that, I feel as though I'm well known enough, and I have plenty of fun when I do get the ability to play.

Referred by: Mousey

Additional Details: Pretty cool actually making it to level 100. I know it was stupid to wait until level 100 before applying, but I don't really give a damn.

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