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New Crafting Tier(s) Idea (Discarded; Refined)

As I said in my large Item Name Idea megathread, this tier will start with worse stats than Ordinary but become somewhere between Legendary and Prim when it comes to stats and special traits. Let me explain.

>How it will be crafted.
Whenever you decon a select 10 weapon types (Pistol, Rifle, Deagle, MR-CA1, Glock, Famas, Galil, AUG, HUGE, and SG), you have a 10% chance to gain a crafting item called a "Discarded <weapon_name> Blueprint" you can then combine that blueprint with a select few catalysts and a discounted amount of scrap/fragments for the tier of the catalyst to create a corresponding "Discarded" tier item. For example, if I scrap a Lightweight galil and get a Galil Blueprint and a Lightweight Catalyst, I can combine the catalyst, blueprint, and half the scrap/fragments needed for an Unlikely tier item to get a Lethargic Galil.

Each Discarded tier item comes with negative to neutral stats in all but one stat, and one negative trait. This stat is called the "Problem Stat," and the trait the "Problem Trait", and will have their own color and place in the GUI under the rest of the stats. Ex)

Lethargic Galil
> 0% accuracy
> -10% Firerate
> 0% Damage
> 0% Stability
> 0% Reload Speed
Problem Stat
> -35% Mobility
>Upon Rightful kill, boosts mobility by 40% for 20 seconds. (Guaranteed)
Problem Trait
>Upon rightful kill, lowers mobility by 20% for 30 seconds.

When you level up the gun, you can change any stat EXCEPT the problem stat. Every 3 levelups, the Problem Stat automatically levels up a certain amount (Max amount - final /5), so a Lethargic weapon would increase by 7% mobility every levelup (-35% - 0% /5 = -7; -35% - -7%= -28% and so on). The problem trait also decreases proc chance to make the weapon easier to use.
So a +14 Lethargic Galil would look something like:

+14 Lethargic Galil
> 0% Accuracy
> +10% Firerate
> +14% Damage
> +4% Stability
> 0% Reload Speed
Problem Stat
> -7% Mobility
>Upon Rightful kill, boosts mobility by 40% for 20 seconds (guaranteed)
Problem Trait
>Upon Rightful kill, lowers mobility by 10% for 30 seconds

And when leveling it up fully, the Problem Stat changes to a Savant, and becomes the absolute value of the Max penalty. Ex, Lethargic's (now Olympic's) problem stat will be 35%, since |-35|= +35. The Problem Trait becomes a Budding Talent and combines with the guaranteed trait.
>Shifting Tiers
As said before, after becoming Reclaimed tier, the Problem Stat is turned into a [color=#3333f]Savant[/color], and becomes the best stat on the weapon. All other stats gain a 1.33x increase and rounded to the nearest .5 so 15% damage would turn into 20%, 10 into 13.5, and so on and so forth. The Budding Talent will join into the guaranteed trait on each weapon and become an upgraded version of the trait. It also drops the level (+15) and can no longer be reinvigorated. So a +14 Lethargic Galil would just become an Olympic Galil

Olympic Galil
> 0% Accuracy
> +13.5% Firerate
> +18.5% Damage
> +5.5% Stability
> 0% Reload Speed
> +35% Mobility
Upon Rightful kill, boosts Mobility by 20% for 40 seconds, and boosts mobility for a further 20% for 60 seconds.
This new trait lasts for twice as long and has an extra 20% mobility for 20 seconds that way you can be a speed demon for longer.

Simple. You can't use runes. That means no enhancement and no altering.
Using runes would be way too OP with the Savant and the Budding Talent systems. Instead, the first 3 levels take 10 kills, then the next 3 take 15, then 20, then 25, then 30, then 35. Easy and simple, total of 415 kills per gun.

When deconning a Discarded tier item, it gives you 100% the weapon blueprint, but no catalyst. That's because when you decon a Refined item, it gives you the Discarded Catalyst and a "Forbidden Blueprint," which is just a blueprint that doesn't fit within the original 10 (Ex, Tec-9), and a Resplendent Crystal, which contains the Budding Talent. The Discarded Catalyst can only be crafted together with a normal or forbidden blueprint to become the a new Discarded weapon. Maybe scrap too

>Resplendent Crystal
By using your Resplendent Crystal onto a weapon with the guaranteed trait from the Discarded tier item, (Ex, boost mobi for the Lethargic/Olympic weapons), the weapon you use it on will automatically gain the Budding Talent that will then replace the guaranteed trait on the original weapon. It will also gain Resplendent as a prefix in the name, same naming scheme as Holiday specific pre prefixes apply. This way it'll create sort of a dilemma between if you want to use the weapon with the Savant stat or apply the Budding Talent to your favorite weapons for an extra boost in TTT

TLDR for peeps that don't wanna read a whole ass novel; Craft a discount Unlikely to get a decent weapon with decent to average stats and one super shit stat and a trait that actively hinders your gameplay, after 415 kills it becomes a gun with legendary-prim stats and a really good stat and upgraded trait, you can decon the weapon if you want to upgrade a global trait on another weapon.

Hopefully you guys liked this, it took ages to come up with and balance in my head, I hope 415 kills isnt too much or too little kills to get to level it up for the cool boons you get. Thanks for reading.

What the fuck how do I read this

i mostly skimmed. but it seems like a really cool idea, and I hope someone reads it

Bumping post cuz I made it easier to read and added a TLDR at the end

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