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List the Ocarina songs and their effects when holding it

Just a nice little bit of small text on the side, since they were all spoiled in the Discord by Brassx anyways. I don't actually own one, but it seems silly to either remember all of them or check quickly to see.

no its skill

Brass has said part of it's balance is having to remember the songs

thats pretty stupid.
can someone post them on the forums then since not all of us trawl the discord 24/7? I never even saw the song list(s).

It's literally pinned in the discord. You can copy paste it on your own software, but I'll grab it for you.
Times are inaccurate since nerf

Ocarina Songs:
15% Damage Reduction for 45 seconds
Space -> W -> A

35% Jump Height for 45 seconds
D -> A -> W

35% Stability for 45 seconds
W -> Space -> A

25% Headshot Damage for 45 seconds
W -> A -> S -> D -> W -> A

35% Reload Speed for 50 seconds
A -> S -> D

25% Accuracy for 60 secwonds
S -> A -> W

2.5x Incoming Traits Proc for 50 seconds
A -> D -> S

25% Trait Proc Rate for 50 seconds
A -> W -> Space

15% Mobility for 50 seconds
Space -> W -> Space -> A -> Space -> S

(01-15-2020, 03:11 AM)Ace Wrote:  Brass has said part of it's balance is having to remember the songs

That made me laugh pretty hard.

If its pinned, then why not just have it in game? Why should a player who drops it have to launch discord to check if its his first time, or any time after that to remember them? Just...seems really stupid. I don't feel like Brass would say that is something that provides "Balance". But thanks for pasting them here.

I didn't spoil them, nor pin them in discord. It was not my doing. I listed memorization as a downside, but it's not something I intentionally have there to balance how good it is. Was just one point I brought up about some of its current downsides with how it currently exists, which no doubt it is a downside. Displaying the songs in game wasn't something I could decide how to cleanly do, especially prior to people figuring out all the songs.

Text on the side doesn't entirely work/look how I'd want it as I'd like to mini-fy the note display to make it as small as possible, but still have the 'music' sheets, but showing 9 songs on the side is a lot of text. I'd also want it to only show songs that you've played at least once, which requires a tracking system to save what songs you've 'learned' to play.

i don't mind remembering it, some of them just become muscle memory, i still have to look back at the songs sometimes but I can remember most of the important ones. I don't think its difficult after a bit of practice.

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