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Time/Play Rounds Daily

While I think they're a good thing to have around, it'd be nice if they could be expedited slightly.
My thinking would be is that if you do one of the other dailies, it'd progress the time/play rounds daily slightly. So if you, say, do all the other skill-requiring challenges fast, the time/play rounds would progress faster.

A lot of players end up just not even playing, some just sit there alt~tabbed or in steam overlay watching videos half the time because they still have 75% of the play time/ rounds to do.

It would be nice if by playing it could expedite the situation to result in less scenarios such as this.

Idk I feel like we keep getting rid of the less liked/longer stuff, and then saying "look this ones shit now since we got rid of the old shit, lets get rid of it". The only thing that I think should be changed about these, is to make it so Rounds Played dalies scale with playercounts since when theres like 6-12 people you go through a map every 20-35 minutes, and with like 20 it takes like an hour per map.(Also Oxylus should count as 8 rounds on completion, but idk how this currently works).

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