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Do your job! An Awesome PSA

Please discontinue yelling this on servers when you get rdmd or see a hacker. 9 out 10 times I am already handling the situation. I do not use in chat commands I have my staff tools key bound for ease of use and so people do not know I am in my menu, this saves me from having hackers and other bad doers from leaving the server while I’m handling bans and such. This saves me time and starting over. I do not need everyone to know when I am handling a situation for this very reason. So when you see a mass rdmer or hacker or whatever it may be please do not scream at myself or other staff to do our job or ban them as I already did or am in process. If you think something is not getting taken care of and you want to check we have admin chat via @ in chat to reach us. I plan to continue to promptly handle situations and would appreciate not getting a headache from all of you yelling lol. Use our admin chat and report tools for this please. This is the end of my public service announcement ✌?

people that are yelling out loud in public chat that a guy is cheating are pretty pepega. just dm a staff and keep your mouth shut.

This is exactly why we have an @dmin chat guys, don't forget.

But yes. Moderators are chosen for their ability to listen and act (barring a few accidental promotions in the past), so people should always keep a couple on their friends list. But nobody seems to browse the forums anymore, so you may as well just spam this in the discord.

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