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Scrolls: Ideas for Map Challenge Replacements

Scrolls: Map Challenge Replacements

"Obtain x amount of rightful kills with anything within the span of 1 to 3 maps."
X= 3-30
Easy: 3-6; 1-2 maps
Medium: 5-10; 1-2 maps
Hard: 10-15; 1-3 maps
Expert: 15-25; 1-3 maps
Professional: 20-30 1-3 maps

"Within the same map find x amount of Scroll Pieces." (Essentially like the cog quest, but for scrolls and within a limited time span)
-Scroll Pieces spawn up to a max of 10 times a round, but are moderately small (about the size of a gmod turtle plushie) and do not glow nor make noise. They are able to spawn on any map and their positions vary based on player locations.
-Only 2 scroll pieces are allowed to exist in one instance. Another one will spawn if one is picked up.

Easy: 3-5 pieces
Medium: 4-8 pieces
Hard: 7-14 pieces
Expert: 10 - 20 pieces
Proffesional: 15- 25 pieces

"On the map x ,obtain y rightful kills"
x=a random map that is selected from the list of maps as long as it exists
-a button will be available to press to command that the map be placed into the map-vote
-the button can only be used to a total of 3 times before you cannot use it anymore and you must wait 24 hours before using it again if of course you have not completed your challenge yet

It is important to remember that this map-challenge is different from the Current map challenge in that it is not from a select list, the map chosen is completely random.

y=2-35 kills
-Kills do not reset when the map ends; your kills will only apply to the scroll if you are on that map or use runes of easing.
-Kills can come from anything like C4, Door-busters, Spring traps, Prop-kills, Gilded weapons, etc. as long as the kill is rightful and on the correct map, it counts.

Easy: 2-5 kills
Medium: 4- 9 kills
Hard: 10 - 20 kills
Expert: 20-25 kills
Professional: 25-35 kills

If you have any ideas that are viable to replace the Current Map challenge feel free to add them in the comments.
The purpose of the current map challenges is the delay in the completion of a scroll. Taking this into account It should be something that takes a variable amount of time to do roughly that of a map change or possibly longer. It's not to be impossibly difficult, but also not too easy. If you have an idea that includes riddles make sure it can be applied to ALL maps since this is the entire purpose of eliminating the current map challenges.

Current Map Challenges: A riddle to which you solve by inputting the map that applies and look for an item on that map. Requires a map change and collective participation in voting for said map. The main issue: You have to find the item from a SELECT few maps (specifically popular maps) and these maps tend to be played over and over. Whether it is the illusion of being played over and over or not it still feels too often and for many it makes TTT more repetitive than it already is. Personally, I like to explore and play the different maps FRG has available, but I cannot stand playing the same maps over and over like going from a popular map a new map then back to the same map then a different popular map for map challenge then the next guy's map challenge, etc.

No to all of them IMO. That's just fucking stressful. Get unlucky with T rounds? Do the chal part all over again. Just infuriating.

As I've stated before, the thing I think would be best to replace them is collection stuff, can maybe even allow you to purchase a device that acts as a radar for said pieces, that lasts for the entire duration of the step allowing you to see an icon on your screen where they are on the map.

Definitely not anything where u have a limited amount of maps to complete.

Having to get x kills in 1 map can make people insanely tryhard and insanely salty when they die, and creating game mechanics that encourage that would not make me a happy player. But a multi-map mini-collection could be cool but it can make collection quests more tedious.

And Although I don't necessarily these are ideas that won't instantly fall to the bottom of a theoretical 'Challenge Stage Tier List', I think brass does kinda like how map challs can act as psuedo challenge timegates. So adding lets say a 2-4 hour cd based upon challenge scroll type acting as a drop gate would fulfill this purpose better since map challs are pretty arbitrary.
(My bad if this assumption is false, but from what I have gathered from prior responses on the talk of map challs, this feels to be something you have mentioned that no other chall does)

Plus having a CD starting on challenge start rather than finish would make it not punish those who actually have their work cut out doing challs, and don't just have double gildeds who can shred challs like its item crate 1s

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