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Scrolls Rework/changes/additions/idk?

I made a suggestion about a new scroll type earlier, and this is somewhat related to that but basically its just me taking a few things I thought of while responding there and thinking of what could be done to improve current scrolls.


1: Map Challenges Remove Map Challenges from Easy/Medium/Hard and make them a thing for higher tiered scrolls. If not this, then maybe just make them rarer chance.

Reasoning: Map challenges can take alot of time where you feel as if you are accomplishing nothing (expecially when you are just grinding scrolls) leading to frustration, influence map selection, and do not feel important.


2: Add Lobby Challenges- Such as Create a Rune, use a gambling machine (will have a free spin from chal), fish 5 fish, and any others brass is interested in.

Reasoning: Adds some variety from just puzzles, riddles, and tryharding in ttt.

Drawbacks: Losing spot on a full server, server load time, not focusing on TTT which is a positive in the form of integrating the server but also technically might make a scroll impossible to do just on ttt which idk if brass wants.


3. The big one in my opinion

Seperate the challenges into different tiers and make it so you may set a challenge as active (only 1 challenge from each tier may be active at once) and only the active challenge you get progression for.

Tier 1- Easies and Mediums

Tier 2- Hards

Tier 3- Professional and Expert

Tier 4- Specials

Reasoning: This can make it so when you get a challenge you just dont feel up to doing you aren't forced to do it at the moment, but also can grind rewards from other challenges without forfeiting rewards. Also any future scroll additions would help fit somewhere here and could help many different kinds of scrolls blossom. (I wonder why I would want that teehee).

Drawback: Makes it so that you can farm easier and more to your pace, which may not be brass's intent with challs. Expecially since being able to only do one challenge at a time is sort of a loot lock so that you aren't farming too fast. Now of course this doesn't let you do challenges faster, but it makes you able to switch in and out to your liking letting you do them more efficiently if you so desire.


4. Make runes of easings for other challenge types, but make them crafting based, and tradeable (even untradeable would be fine, but wouldn't make much sense unless the mats were drop only that made it so you couldn't just trade crafting mats)

If untradeables were wanted then something like 10 runes of easings should suffice.
Or 1 rune of easing + 1 scroll of a lower tier (yikes for them pro/expert scrolls tho)

If tradeables then maybe 2 easy scrolls + 20 fragments of the scrolls rarity (I am not sure about the rarity about pro scrolls, since I havent had one but if they are godlike maybe no easy rune for them since that scroll is supposed to be the hardest, or 1 rune of every rarity combined.

Reasoning: Good Samaritan, if Map Chall Bugged, Map No One Wants, if theres like 20 people queued infront of you for map chal, 800 damage (Not that big of a problem, but im just angru that when you use rune of easing on this it gives you 1 damage :/), sliders if you dont use 3rd party shit and actually cant do them too well, or are just too lazy.

Drawbacks: Makes the other parts of challenges faster, catching up to kill challenges. Hence causing challenges to finish faster, making loot more abundant.


5. Make loot scale with stages so that if you get a 5 stage easy you dont just think "lemme just abandon, fucking rng man" - Feach talking to himself :'(

Reasoning: Sometimes you can just get the max amount of stages on a scroll and get dogshit loot, expecially on an easy scroll where if your decently lucky you can have 1 kill challenge (puzzle, kill, puzzle), or you can have 3 kill chall (kill, puzzle, kill, puzzle, kill) it can be almost to more than double the time of your last scroll with no benefit.

PS I know alot of people say its not always a kill puzzle pattern, and ive definitely had Puzzle Puzzle before, its most often that theres a Puzzle Kill Puzzle pattern so thats how I calculate my scroll whenever I open one, and it does me good 95% of the time.

Drawbacks: More loot overall since many easy scrolls wouldnt be abandoned, if easy with 3 stages were nerfed to make room for a 5 stage easy drop table that would suck where you get some shit ass easy loot atm pretty common (Such as 1kish coins, and 8 crates :'( ), in addition it could make people abandon 3 stage easy since they are looking for a 5 stage essentially reversing the problem, not fixing it (i dont think it should be a problem as long as it would be something more like 4/5 stage easies cut off the bottom 10% of drop pool and add 5% to the top, so the ranges would go from lets say 1-8k and 3-20 crates to something more like 2-8.5k coins and 5-21 crates).


6. New Scroll Types (specifically Lobby-Related)

Add new scroll types that would have unique ways of dropping, and unique challenges (such as a Grim's Challenge, or The Castle's Bounty dropping only from those events as)

Potentially being in a whole new tier of challenges such as a special or something.

Reasoning: Would be cool to have event specific challenges, but having a challenge in a normal scroll that makes you do a whole hour long event without guarantee of finishing would be a little annoying. But if it was a Event Challenge where there is an understanding that this challenge scroll is for this event. Maybe adding some more ways to play, more reasons to do, and more related to lobby events would just be super cool Big Grin. Ideally having not Coins as the main drop, but uniques, those events special crates, cosmetics, tags, maybe more event based things too like fishing rods, or some sort of other lobby stuff idk. Also can keep people staying with the server for longer, not just getting bored of ttt for a bit and taking a break till dailies reset or when new monthly etc, encouraging them to go to lobby and have some fun in an event.

Drawbacks: Most events don't need much extra loot if they need any sort of loot buff, and even if they do this would be a sort of unequal way of buffing it basically adding an item into drop pool that says "next run get 5-75% (Depending on how good they are) more loot". now having some unique drops form these challenges would somewhat counteract this, but it would be tricky. Also could lead to some players hard farming certain events.


7. More Scroll Types (non specific)

New scroll types *ambigous*

Reasoning: Would be cool to have some break ups in the easy/medium/hard/pro/expert grind, where you can add some flavor and express some unique differences in challenges that may not necessarily lead to another challenge but be a finished reward in itself, or be a whole different tree.

Challenges: Everything from Time to Balance, if ideas are needed I bet plenty of people are willing to help but in addition for the idea problem, theres balance, etc.

Specific Ideas- Monthly Challenge (A challenge that changes every month with only 1 attempt could be a riddle, puzzle or maybe even some special map/event challenges, that changes every month and there are 2-5 different variations {Once one is solved it is removed from the drop pool, giving a unique badge such as April 2019 Challenge King with each challenge having its own title along with some goodies} if failed it insta fails, and it has lets say a 1/100 chance for every daily and 1/20 chance upon daily completion.)

Hunters Challenge (A challenge which I had made a forum post about before, but essentially a challenge with more specific gun requirements on kill challs)

Bounty Challenge (A massive challenge consusting of few steps, but each step has a lot of required numbers, and are more generalized such that they could be dailies. Like 'Kill 50 Detectives" or "Knife 50 innocents" etc)

Task Master (A large challenge consisting of challenges which could be done in one round, but do not have to be done in such such as "Jihad 3 innocents", "Kill 5 People", "plant 3 c4", "Kill 2 people with a gun not in your loadout", but has many stages)


I know this is super long, and probably hard to read so I apologize and thank anyone who has taken the time to do so. If anyone has a suggestion ill add it under this with 8 or higher number Big Grin. If you have any questions, or want any clarifications feel free to msg me on discord as to not have to have a back and forth on discord if you so prefer (Fe4ch#7049). Now that I realize I have spent atleast like an hour on this I shall sleep xD.

I agree and disagree with the first one. All the others no thanks. Remove map challenges in general. I hate play construct, rooftops, parkhouse, mcdonalds, and then back around again with some of the other ones mixed in their. I have barely played any fun maps like crummy cradle because these take up those things. I would rather do a slide puzzle or word unscramble then have to play on a map that we played on a map ago.
Bouncy Rounds

+1 remove all map challenge, makes it so your force into playing only 5 maps. cant even explore other maps.

(05-20-2019, 11:56 PM)Brassx Wrote:  
(05-20-2019, 08:37 PM)Jake1o Wrote:  
(05-20-2019, 05:22 AM)Brassx Wrote:  First the problem was "It took me 6 days to complete my map challenge", Now it's "Maps from challenges happen too often".

Map challenges aren't being removed without a proper replacement, as TJ stated, they are 100% needed, so choose which you'd prefer. Waiting days to complete a step, or playing on what's typically a popular map to begin with? Doesn't really matter to me.

However, the maps played analytics do not really match up with your claims. There are far more other maps than challenge maps that are played through out the day.

(imagine I removed for this quote.)

(Some of the time spikes are due to the server idling on said map)

There's not really a solution other than replacing map challenges with something just as tedious/time consuming. I'm all for suggestions. We toned down kill challenges due to your complaints, made map challenges easier, due to your relentless complaints about them. What ever comes next, I'm sure there will be complaints as well. It never ends. Making the input a random chance doesn't change it in the end, because it's already like that behind the scenes (1/4).

But why are challenge maps needed for easy and medium scrolls? The loot you get from those usually isn't anything special and now with the new system in place, to show your map if you type the name in correctly, map challenges take no time at all. I have a harder time getting a set amount of kills. (although that could just be because I'm bad.)
The more people that have a map challenge, the more time it will take. Map challenges take longer than riddles, sliders, anagrams, or any of those. Thus why they are needed, they help increase the over all time, while adding more variety to scrolls. I never said they were one that adds the MOST time to them (tho they used to be), but a lot of people can finish easy/med kill challenges very quickly.

IDK about all the others but I am all for removing the map challenges. As a replacement for it personally ill try to brainstorm something that fits the description written in Bee's quote post.

I've stated in #suggestions on discord before that maybe we could have fishing dailies which is similar but I disagree with having scrolls connect into lobby past what they are currently maybe a little bit but not what is written in this post. The point of scrolls is to put some of the player base in TTT. Having players in TTT brings in new players. TTT helps bring in new players and lobby exists to keep players by giving them new and different content. The older players tend to want more connection to lobby which is understandable based on the lobby idea. Exodus and IOD, Grims and WQ don't bring in new players it helps to keep players on the server by giving them a goal to achieve. Scrolls, as with anything, can always receive improvements, but making them too easy would relieve them of helping players waste time. The longer a player is on the server the more they are able to connect with other players helping to keep them connected to the server via the community.

I disagree with map challenges because no matter how popular the map TTT_dolls, casino, parkhouse, etc. I like to have a different experience on TTT. Playing the same maps over and over does not help what the scrolls try to do. I get bored of playing Kakariko for the 5th time it is very annoying and I just give up on my dailies because of map challenges. Map challenges heighten the pick rate of already popular maps. Sometimes we still play them without scroll challenges. I suggested my favorite map a month or so ago and still have yet to play it and have been prevented to play it on multiple ocassion due to challenge maps EVERY TIME. I like playing different maps because it gives you a different play style for the 8 rounds we are there. Map challenges ruin my TTT experience and mostly because of them I find it very discouraging to play TTT.

I like the fishing challenge

- That Thrakos Noob

I like the idea of lobby & event-related challenges but what if you have a cooldown for that event and are forced to just wait for hours?

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