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New Setting

A setting that makes it so when a trait proccs it gives a notification.
Such as - Your ak has Procc'd Phoenix!

Mainly since sometimes when using a gun I feel like it never procs since its a bit of a less visibly procc (atleast to me), and it would let me know if I am just extremely unlucky or its doing its job silently. And would help me appreciate it better.

Dude lines appear around the crosshair when you proc.

Yeah, but you cant go back and see specifically when, how many times etc.

Expecially since I dont know about you guys, but when I am aiming up a shot, etc I zone in super hard so I dont really notice my crosshair too much. It might just me being a little pepega there, plus it is hard to tell how many times it procc'd etc.

The only way to calculate now is to know the decay time of the blue crosshair, and calculate when it first appears, when it starts to fade, when it reappears, and when it finally dissapears which isn't very likely to happen in the middle of a gun fight unless you record every encounter and check this after.

Plus its kinda a small QoL thing so I dont see any reason not adding it.

You think this is a small QoL change right? Something easy? Consider how it would function, consider that I'd have to go through literally 100s of traits/suffixes and add a notification to each one, with the specific name. Consider most traits are actually un-named and only have internal 'names' on the lookup table to act as an identifier, but sometimes those 'names' aren't related at all to what it does. Players gave traits names, not me. (Like look at feet, that's called gravity internally.)

That's really just for adding specifically what proc'd. It wouldn't be hard to add another notification hooked into the current trait proc marker system but.. The current display is around your crosshair. That should be plenty, most games don't even have that.

Like fair, I am just saying in the relative scale of things I personally think its not that big of a thing and it would personally help me, and maybe others.

And it doesnt even need a trait-name, it could even be just a "Your Trait has procc'd". Nonetheless, couldnt you have a if gravity then display look at feet (ya know a bit more than that but the general idea) might be a super long list of just Ifs Thens attached to the Procc Marker system but shouldn't take more than an hour assuming you already have a complete list of every trait somewhere. Otherwise it might take a bit.

Now im not saying this would be a 1 minute thing, but I still believe its a small change comparitively to some things, and that it isn't unreasonable if other people thought the same as I do, which I do not know and why I posted a forum post.
And it maybe seems like they don't.

I dont mean to be too presumptious though, thats just how I see it. I definitely understand that you disagree with what i've said so fair enough.

theres no point to this, who does it help, just look at ur crosshairs lol

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