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[BUFF] Goomba Boots

For an item that seems cool, their utility is shit. They only lower fall damage if you actually enable the explosions (requiring some annoying menu hopping or a bind) and even then, they only seem to stop a small amount of fall damage. Moderate length falls still kill you. They should function like the detectives bouncy boots, except the bounce is replaced with the booms. Basically make them block 99.9% of fall damage or something.

the only reason you think goombas are suck is because I haven't used them against you yet.

immunity to fall damage makes them viable, lets go ahead and do it cause other t items basically do it at a much lower cost already (blink)

Goomba boots have a fun function Vhoxel, but the fact that they don't actually stop much fall damage sucks. Like, let us fall from a Construct tower and survive. They cost a bloody credit!

I loved to buy them but fall deaths with a fall damage item sucks
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