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[Easter] Prims, legends, new weapon types, prefixes, and Suffixes

Easter suggestions for either pass or crate:

Unique April Fools item:
"A Funny" gun or "of Laughter"
- plays an old 50s laugh track
-multiple different types of laugh tracks
-players are forced to "act laugh"
-chance of the User to "act laugh"
-(act laugh is played when a laugh track is played)
- the user laughs (gmod stock laughs) at every other shot they shoot
-make it sound like the user is a maniac while they shoot
-Players cannot move or shoot while in the "act laugh" animation

Accuracy: -15%
Damage: +35%
Firerate: +20%
Reload Speed: -23%

Lore: Most Laugh tracks were recorded in the 1950s. You're hearing dead people laugh.
Unique Prefixes:
-"Time to get Funky" weapons
Damage: -30%
Stability: +10%
Accuracy: +10%
Reload Speed: +40%
Unique Trait: Plays Cha Cha Slide by Dj Casper and moves to the song

One the song says move to the left the player moves left; same with right; jumps, and for stomps the player crouches; When "Cha cha real smooth" the Player moves forward and back; Criss Cross the player moves left and right. When the Song says to clap the player shoots +attack. When the trait procs the player has reduced jump height.

-"Eggy" weapons
Damage: +55%
Firerate: +20%
Stability: -10%
Accuracy: -85%
Mobility: 5%
Reload speed: +10%
Catalyst Chance 40%
Unique Ability: Your weapon will shoot out an egg that deals no damage but splats an egg on the screen of an opposing player. The opposing player receives a visual effect of egg splatted on their screen slowly falling down their screen staying up for a max of 10 or 12 seconds.

-"Hopping" Weapons
Unique ability: When the Player shoots they have a 1/x chance to cause the target to have +3000% jumpheight for up to 20 seconds.
Damage: +10%
Firerate: -20%
Jumpheight +100%
Mobility: 25%
Stability: +15%
Catalyst Chance: 35%
Unique Suffixes:
-"of the Yolk"
Ability: has a 1/x chance to bind the target causing them to be slowed and have their vision fixed in only one direction for 3-10 seconds. (The direction they were facing as soon as they were proced).

-"Of the Whisperer"
Ability: Has a 1/x chance to play George Michael's Careless Whisper for 40-60 seconds causing naueseated vision the more the player moves.

Unique weapons:

-Rabbit Season (Scout rifle).
Deals 80 damage a hit to the body
1 bullet in the clip
Deals 70% more damage and 50% increased knockback to players using Bunny Crystals.

Enhanceable UMP to lvl +27 with 10 exp per kill
-Does not have the other Umptastic dmg to weapons traits
-Always has the Umptastic disorient trait
-Always has the Eggy trait and "of the Yolk" Suffix
Max Stats:
+5% to any stat
Damage: -15% - +50%
Firerate: -15% - +50%
Stability: -15% - +50%
Jump Height: -5% - +50%
Mobility: -15% - +50%
Reload Speed: Non-enhanceable -5%
Accuracy: Non-enhanceable -15%
45% catalyst

New Base weapon:

UTAS shotgun model from nexon:
Base Stats:
Clip: 14
Damage: 5-10 damage a pellet (based on range)
Pellets: 15
Accuracy: Moderately wide spread (0%? Default?; Pretty inaccurate)
Firerate: 2 shots a second
Reload speed: .2 seconds for each shell (it's a shell loading type of gun like pump)


I love all of these

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