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Masterwork Nodes Suggestions

After Reloading Effects:
- 1 in X to shoot a projectile dealing XX dmg (Must use over 50%/100% of the clip for the effect to proc). The projectile could be something like an eveningstar ice projectile.
- 1 in (2?) to increase your clip by +1 for the round (Must use over 50%/100% of the clip for the effect to proc).

First shot Effects:
- 1 in X to slows down victims to base speed.
- 1 in X to push back victims with great force.

After a Rightful Kill Effects:
- 1 in X to allow you to summon a plasma shield(that one detective item) around you for X seconds.
- 1 in X for the body to explode dealing XX dmg around the area (does not work in pve).
- 1 in X to refill your ammo count for all weapons.

After death Effects:
-1 in X to summon an aura that heals players (5hp/second?) for 10? seconds.
-1 in X to explode your body and burning the surrounding area (basically an incendiary nade)

Passive Effects:
- The less bullets you have in your mag, the more mobility you gain (max up to %XX).
- Collecting orbs(like cogs quests) around the map will increase Firerate and Damage by XX% for the round.

Gun-specific Effects:
- H.U.G.E-249: Increased Stability and Firerate by XX%.
- Glock: Increased Clip by XX.
- Mr-CA1: While scoped in, Firerate is the same as unscoped.

Make the plasma shield pass through able by you but still blocks bullets (So that you dont just kill a t and get trapped for 10 seconds while other ts setup traps etc around u leading to ur doom. The rest are just small little stuff that i dont think anyone has a problem with.

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