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My Masterwork Suggestions

Major Nodes
Fake- When killing a player theres chance to spawn a fake loot orb of any of the colors. When stepped on, the orb will deal 15 damage, and will decay after 2 minutes, or if 3+ orbs are currently spawned by that player.

Clone- When 3 or more bullets have been recieved within 20 seconds to a player, it will create a afterimage on your character connected somewhat like a venn diagram and will last for 15 seconds.

Trail of Smoke- Basically just phoenix but with a spire of smoke above and bright fire effects around the player so a mix of tracer (except global) and phoenix.

Tale of Two Kings- When you spawn as a T a Random player will be marked King (sort of like easter prim) and when you kill them you will get a buff in Reload Speed, Damage, and Firerate. (Like +10% of base for all, not +10% of your guns stats tho). And as an innocent/Detective you will get the buff when a specific Traitor has been killed, but their name will be shown as -Traitor-.

Seven Tools of the Bandit- When you walk over a traitor trap (Barnacle, Bear Trap, etc) you take 20 damage and a loud sound in exchange, the trap breaks.
Bag of Tricks- When you shoot there is a chance for your gun to shoot a prop that does no damage, but if it hits any player then their gun does less damage, and gets a big recoil addition.


Shield- You are granted a shield soaking 50 damage every 5 minutes while in an event/oxyclean (Does not stack)

Marked for Death- When you shoot a NPC, there is a 1/10+ chance to leave a mark (like the obc cursor circle thing), when a ally shoots that mark they heal for 15 hp or less, and gain a slight boost in firerate for 20 seconds.

Boost- Once every 60 seconds you can do a single blink via this weapon, giving you a slight slow for 3 seconds after. (maybe just a small warrior dash or something)

Monumental Growth- Triples your HP but makes you more vulnerable to damage (2x), and your shots do less damage (maybe like 25%).

Dog Eat Dog- You can target a teammate in an event, and they take the next single damage that you would if they accept (Maybe similar to the lunar plane, or could be accepted by shooting a mark on the ground that spawns next/under the asking player).

Poisoned Chalice- You can activate it, and when you do you get a firerate, damage, and reload speed buff but you take 5 dmg every 3 seconds in addition to being slowed when you stop it.

Final Node-

Gates of Hell- Every 3th rightful kill in a round you can activate it and Respawn, turn Invisible on respawn (for 5 seconds) while being unable to shoot,
be completely healed, and gain 25 max hp till the end of the round.

The Friendly Djinn- You can activate to transform your gun into a Djinn Gun (Unobtainable Without This) for 20 seconds, which makes djinn balls do extra damage (From Djinn Crystal), has a djinn hover over you shooting a laser at targets within a visible sight, and nearby dealing 3 damage a second and healing you for that amount.

Resistance of Steel- Halfs damage you take, and halfs the duration of any DoTs on you. Along with negating all slows. Lasts for 10 seconds.

Over-Charge- You can charge up a shot, giving that shot 100% accuracy and a slight damage buff (maybe like 10% increase in total stats, or 20% base stats).

Chefs Best- When you kill a player/NPC by headshot they drop a health orb healing for half of your headshot damage (Health maxes at 60)

Blades of Glory- When you knife a player, you gain hermes boots. If the knife would not insta-kill then the knifed player gets ice trait. (Mainly just to spice up knife play)

Unholy Guardian- When another player would have a suffix activate on you, it is canceled and that player is revealed for 5 seconds (tracer), heals back half the damage of that shot (so 1 taps would still 1tap even if exactly 100hp but anything lower would have ya lookin good), and heals you back up to full if you kill the player who activated a suffix on you.

Mistake- You get +20% movement speed +20% firerate, and 10% damage resistance but if you take more than 80 damage in 3 seconds you die.

Warriors Pride- Everytime you get a rightful kill you gain 15 max hp and the bodies are left with a dismembered model.

Gates of Valhalla- If you kill 3+ players within 10 seconds you get +mobi +damage + firerate, but your health bar is hidden and so are indicators you are taking damage.

Magic Box- When you kill someone your gun can gain a random godlike+ trait instead of this one for 20 seconds.

Jesters Plot- When you kill someone your model and name is changed to theirs for 20 seconds, while the body is hidden in a box for that amount of time and the box respawns when you die.

Hacked Summon- You can activate to create a double image of yourself (like the zodiac trait) except the model and name card is Brass's, and it works as a DoT.

I may be a bit too critical on this suggestion...

Of your PVE major nodes, the only one I think that will have some valuable use is the Marked for Death; Marked for Death seems to have the most beneficial use and worth to use. However I would assume this would be something you can activate in both PVE and PVP since a single gamemode use for an ability would make this node very disatisfying to unlock.

The other PVE major seem to be reused TTT traitor menu ideas with too many draw backs to be of valuable use. For Dog eat dog relying on another player to accept a condition puts the USER in a position where their ability is either useless or slightly beneficial, if you are currently in the middle of a fight this ability could hinder the team distracting them from their main focus to accept a prompt.

The PVP MAJOR nodes seem to be underwhelming in my opinion.
-Fake: is a reskinned raw energy burst and has very little creative use other than the occasional 15 damage mine which does not provide effective use in TTT. Comparing this to the Voltaic which is a new concept, the use of trap weapons, the ability is underpowered.
-Clone: is just gemini
-Trail of Smoke: The name does not tell me what you are saying; What you seem to describe is like the Ignis Fire tornados above the target. But the idea is just a reskinned/ different version of the Meteor sword gleam and Tracer
-Seven tools of a bandit: This ability would be too overpowered and would ruin traitor rounds for other players. Traps are already underpowered in TTT for traitors there is no need for an ability to piss off the trap users. (Some players prefer to use traps than guns, myself included, My least favorite thing is when someone shoots my traps cuz it is just barely visible having a feature that gives a single player the ability to be an exception to my traps would ruin my T rounds).
-Bag of Tricks seems more like a weird gimick than an ability; Reminds me of the Scorchshot guns and Meatballer with the illusion bullets and seems like a lame ability.

The Final Nodes all seem very underwhelming and underpowered.
I don't want to review all your final nodes but ill go over a few.

-Friendly Djinn: Relies on the use of another item in the hotbar and has no use outside of TTT (AI are not affected by Djinn balls atm)
-Hacked Summon: Gemini but with a weird twist with no reliable use.
-Jester's Plot is a good idea; Reminds me of the Traitor Item called "ID disguiser" which replaces your player model and name with the corpse of the person you use it on.
-Mistake: Seems more like a Major Node
-Gates of Hell: We don't have a defibrillator and the Closest thing to it currently are zombies, so allowing a single player to revive themselves at all should be left to the traitor weapons, I believe, instead of being placed on a gun whether or not kills are needed.

I like alot of gimmickey, fun, and noticeable proccs along with a huge focus on balance which may make them underwhelming so fair enough. Thanks for the feedback Big Grin

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