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[Masterwork Nodes] 15 Major and 17 Final Nodes suggestion

A list of 15 Major and 17 Final Nodes
By: Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch

For Both Major Nodes and Final Nodes the button Binds may not be mentioned, the most appropriate bind should be applied for the ability.

Major Nodes:

1. Spot Teleportation: Double Tap R to set up a permanent immediate teleportation location. (The time to teleport is shorter than the T weapon; essentially a direct upgrade to root rewind)
EDIT#1: For clarification: The player will have to set up a teleportation point, unlike the bloodsurge. This ability would function most similarly to Root Rewind or the Traitor Teleporter, as the teleport spot is set up at the USER's location.

2. Destiny Bond: After 2 minutes into a round the player is prompted asking whether or not they would like to activate this ability. When active anyone who kills this player receives a random debuff any of which will all last 10 seconds.

3. Neckwear-mancer: Upon each kill the player can summon 2 Kamikazee combine zombies (with grenades) Shooting someone targets them as the person the zombies should go after. [Or maybe this could be a Necromancer Traitor ability buff]
(Only active when the player is a traitor or is in events) TTT: The player can activate this ability every 30 seconds for every 3rd shot they shoot to place a brace around their target's neck. After 10 seconds the brace removes the player's head killing them and replacing them with a combine kamikazee zombie with a grenade (With 300 hp and no headshot hitbox).
Events: The player can summon two combine zombies every 30 seconds that will kill themselves and previous to that lure all AI off of players and to themselves dealing an amount of damage to 1 hit all small AI mobs.

4. Impact Incendiary Grenade Launcher: Double Tapping Reload allows the player to shoot out an incendiary grenade that explodes upon impact of the ground or a player or AI. The grenade deals a set amount of damage for all within its fire and does ignite players for 10 seconds (1.25 damage every .5 seconds to players and a Total of 300 damage in the 10 seconds to AI).
Has a custom visual different from the TTT incendiary grenades.

5. "I've come to kick ass and chew ammo, but I'm all out of ammo." (Kick Ass): Once the player runs out of ammo they become furious with rage giving them +70% melee damage, +70% mobility, +70% jump height, -25% damage resistance, and is unable to switch to their secondary weapon. The player is unable to pick up ammo for their weapons if they are currently in Kick ass mode. The player is not given their melee weapon and instead they are given a leg of which they must kick players. Kicking players launches them into the air vertically with primary fire and diagonally with secondary fire and kicking has a large range. Kicking a player from behind (ass) deals 90% damage a player's health not including the launch into the air.

6. Sleep: Alternate Fire shoots out a tranquilizer that will tranquilize a player (Cooldown of 60 seconds).

7. Fire rate increases over time (The bigger the clip the more beneficial this ability is); As fire rate increases clip increases by 20 for every 40 bullets shot in 1 clip.

8. Filthy Acts at a Reasonable Price: Walking up to two or more players and damaging them for any amount of damage grants the user a random positive suffix with a 1/1 chance to proc. for the round. Each player over 2 grants another 1/1 suffix.

9. Gratitude: A wavy-beam like effect above the user heals all players around them for 5 health every second to 100 health and provides them with extra ammo to their clip and doubles the added ammo to clip to the user.

10. Petrification: Turns players affected into stone preventing them from moving and taking damage from all sources except melees for +50%  also leaving them with 40% health once released from Petrification (lasts 15 seconds)

11. Exterminator: Deal +50% damage to all AI.
EDIT #1: Instead, for each AI killed the User and his/her allies gain an increased % damage to each AI killed has maxes out at 100%, but each AI killed by the USER provides +.5% damage increase and each AI killed by a Teammate provides +.25% damage increase to the overall team damage increase. With this edit, the ability is not as overpowered and provides some form of teamwork. The damage increase TOTAL is shared amongst the team/party.

12. Decoy: Place a decoy that lures all AI , switching their targets from players to the decoy.

13. Kale:For all Players around the user, they are given -50% clip, but +30% rate of Fire, +50% reload speed, +30% accuracy, +40% stability. In TTT, the purpose of this would force enemies to ammo dump, but on Events this is more of a buff especially if the players have a lot/infinite of ammo.

14. Health point: The player is able to shoot out health markers that heal all players within a very small radius around the marker. The health point heals 1 health every .5 seconds.
-Two Markers Max with a 30 second cooldown between removal of these markers and placement of a new two markers.
(Deploys similar to the Voltaic Tesla coils)
-Players being healed by the Health Point have a small but noticeable effect of white particles around players being healed which will aid in notifying players they are within its radius, UNLESS there is a small circle around the marker like war banner.
-Is not a replacement for any current items since it is a masterwork being rare in the first place.

15. Rusty Chamber: Causes all players within a large radius, when activated, to have their guns lockup for 10 seconds making them vulnerable to attacks.


Final Nodes:

1. Discharge :  Can swap to a Beam Cannon (Like railgun) that shoots out an electrical discharge to a given position that lays out an AoE electrified field that severely slows enemies and damages them with the "of Electricity trait" and (Stuttering)Shock from "Zeus' Hand."
-The size of the AoE should be about the same radius as Warbanner's buff circle.
-Discharge can only be activated after 1 full clip is used and using it uses all bullets in the clip when activated; it can only be activated with all bullets in a clip.
-Has a cooldown of 30 seconds till next use.
-If a player is hit with the beam itself (not the AoE) the player receives 70 damage. AOE does 4 damage every .5 seconds a target is in the AoE field.
-The AoE field lasts for 20 seconds. (Must aim down sights to shoot beam).

2. Electromagnet: By pressing alternative Fire or E a strong electromagnetic field is deployed to a location in front of the player (by an object shot that falls with an arc , not a beam more like the reload bomb from other masterworks.
-The Electromagnetic field pulls all players within a large radius towards its center, zapping players with "Zeus' Hand" shock (Stuttering) effect and the pull lasts 10 seconds.
-All players caught are strongly pulled towards the center making resistance not too effective.
-Alternative Fire or E can be pressed again to repulse all players caught in the Electromagnetic field (like a discombobulator).
-The Electromagnet can be shot but it has 200 hp and takes body shots damage. (Can be shot similar to Voltaic tesla coils)
-Props will also be pulled in damaging or even killing any player hit by them.

3.  Field Ionization It creates a large area of effect around the user (whilst shooting) slowing and shocking players with "of Electricity" or Chain Lightning in intervals and "Zeus' Hand" (stuttering) shock.
-The trait should say: Creates an electrical field slowing and shocking players around the user whilst shooting The electrical field is similar if not the same as the field mentioned in "Capacitance Overload," except this field does 7 damage per .75 seconds and the field lasts as long as the user is shooting.


3.5.Ionization Field could be a field around the player and gives buffs to allies/players; like Caliburn but only around the player. It would Give +30% of +accuracy, +damage, and +firerate.
Definition of Ionization: is the process by which an atom or a molecule acquires a negative or positive charge by gaining or losing electrons, often in conjunction with other chemical changes

4. Infestation: The player can place egg traps freely around the map. Each egg contains an Antlion and the antlion will spawn in targeting the player who activated the trap. Once that player is dead the Antlion is free to attack whoever they target.
Has a 1/3 chance for an egg trap to spawn an Antlion Guardian. (A total of 7 Eggs at start of the match OR 3 eggs are gained after each kill to an infinite total/max 100). Eating an Egg causes the player to turn into an antlion guardian killing the player and swapping them with a guard.

5. Build a Wall: A wall is placed in front of the player that all players including the user cannot pass. AI are not able to pass through either. If the wall is placed beneath another player that is on top of it. The player is launched into the air with high velocity. (Placement would work just like spring traps but farther range).

6. Flamethrower: using alternate fire or alt (walk) the player releases flames that deal 2 damage every .05 seconds to a large radius of players and AI in front of them lighting them on fire whilst damaging with the flames. If used in a burst format the flames last 5 seconds. (Ignition of a player separate from the 2 damage from the flamethrower deals 2.5 damage every .5 seconds).

7. Cry of the Forest Troll (oxylus scream is played): A faded hologram (looking) Oxylus Fist comes down , when the player presses a bind, smashing the ground 3 times spawning 3 waves of trees infront of the player that deal 30 damage with each wave and launching any player hit into the air (high enough to deal 40 damage or so from fall damage).

8. Serpent's Survival: (similar to megalodon) whilst shooting projections of snakes are summoned leeching to AI and players giving the USER random buffs. For the duration of while they are latched to a player + 15 seconds once the AI or player dies.

9. Splash Down: After falling the player is able to summon a shockwave-like effect of Waves around the player pushing everyone hit by the wave. (Does not go through walls; think of it similar to the scylla wave but in all directions) (The player that has splash down takes reduced fall damage; the waves deal 50 damage to AI)

10. Air Suck: Holding E allows the player to suck in any amount of players in front of them and blow/launch them in the direction of their cursor (Essentially the King K. Rool blunderbuss from Boss Rush).

11. Purple Haze: Deploy a Purple in color toxic haze gas that poisons and deals massive damage to players affected.
Players caught in the haze will also have a chance to ragdoll players affected by the haze. (Afflicted players are outlined within purple.
Deployment would be similar to the Eilneth lava launch, but the Area of effect for Purple Haze is much larger, about the size of a smoke grenade or the poison spray from dilapidation.

12. Heat Burst: (think of Blastburn's animation from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum or Sceptor of the Forest) Flames/Waves of Super Heated Air deploy infront of the user one after other enveloping targets in flames making them jump while ignited and charring their bodies. (Should use a flame animation different from the normal ignite and should obscure vision of the target).

13. Quantum Replacement: Place a Dummy version of any player in a chosen location on the map and using the same button you used to place the dummy you are able to remotely control the Dummy. The dummy comes equipped with a random pistol and 50 health. You are able to see what the dummy does in either first person or third person whilst controlling the dummy. To escape the use of the dummy you must explode it in order to regain control of your original body.

14. Eyes of the Medusa: Pressing Reload allows you to glare at players petrifying them for 20 seconds and dealing 20 damage every 5 seconds. Vision is also severely impaired by a visual effect of stone on the screen.

15. Meteor Strike: Target a player whilst scoped or aiming down sights with e and after 10 seconds of aiming down sights a meteor will fall from the sky killing the player and providing knockback, intense screen shake, and ignition to all innocents (traitors buddies will not be affected by the ignition) near the point of impact. The point of impact leaves the earth molten and scarred burning all players who trek(walk) through.

16. Earthquake: Activating Earthquake causes all players within a certain radius and AI to take small increments of damage for 10 seconds. For players they receive intense screen shaking, slow movement (suppose to represent tripping), and players at random will be stuck in place and receive 40% damage once. An animation on the ground affected is shown visually around the user.

17. Abyssal Entities: Multiple Cubes are summoned above and behind the User. Each Cube provides its own random buff (Stacks with other cubes) and random percentage (+1% to +100%) that can be distributed (shared) to other players.
-For example Lets say you summon 5 cubes: Two with fire rate, one with damage, and two with stability. You can share 1 firerate cube with Brassx, a damage, fire rate, and stability cube with Jake1o, and Marky Mark (USER) keeps one Stability cube.
-When around the USER the cubes are blue, but when shared they turn orange.
-Alternatively, when cubes are blue around the USER and Shared players, but When a Cube is shot it becomes static in place for 20 seconds and disappears after the time is up. Whilst static the cube still shares its buff in a small radius around its placement.

I may have more ideas soon, I think the most creatively when I'm at Chick-fil-a for lunch on certain days. Those will be added in a separate post if I think of anything

Fun Fact: Kale (Major Node) was the last name I made, so you might be able to tell where I ran out of ideas for names


All masterworks have a chance to come with the ability (suffix): "Of laughter"
+Plays a variation of 3 total OLD laugh tracks
-The weapon has a 1/3 chance to make your target laugh (Makes them act laugh and a laugh track plays)
-1/5 chance whilst shooting to make your self laugh at the target dealing 10 damage to their self-esteem. (Makes you only play a laugh track)

1. Spot Teleportation, If its like the new boss thing than im down, otherwise i wouldnt like it since it would be bloodsurge, but instant and doesnt charge up.
2. Destiny Bond Aids, not even chance based. Its basically if someone kills me, fuck you. Maybe if its like If someone kills withing 20 seconds of activation (once per round, and can only be activated if not shot within 10 seconds) Even then if someone just stands infront of a c4 to fuck someones day that would be annoying so maybe have it last for like 30 seconds or something.
3. It would be cool if the nodes could work as a random class buff/change so that depending on what nodes you choose it would change the classes to have more variety and would be a super fun way to extend classes.
4. Im down with this, as long as its not spammable etc.
5. There doesnt seem to be much problem with this, maybe extend this so that it auto switches to your melee too.
6. Tranqs are a bit powerful for a major and not final node, even tho they arent super explosive/cool looking. (Beam/Shield/Hide after shooting and free kill)
7. Thats cool
8.A bit powerful for a major node in my opinion.
9. Nerf the Healing or make it something like once a round.
10. Would be cool as an alternative to ice.
11. I can see this being a bit broken, if a masterwork would have godlike stats this would be a pretty much guarantee for new top damage by a wide margin. Maybe make it like +15 damage to headshot would be fine.
12. This sounds super cool, maybe only redirects their attention to make kiting a bit easier and then it wears off pretty much instantly. Also working on bosses might be a bit much. Also high cd.
13. Sounds like a troll version of cali/warbanner.
14. Might need some balancing, but i think this sounds super cool.
15. Insanely broken, maybe as Final Node, and effect lasting maybe 1 second.

For the final nodes, these seem super powerful, but I have no idea how powerful brass wants these to be so i do not know. But most of these are way stronger than pretty much any trait in the game. But I think they sound cool in theory so if they can be added in a non broken way im down.

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