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New Crystal

* Movement Crystal *

The movement crystal would let you slide on a 3-6 second cooldown depending on your crystal stats. Would take mobi to charge, and could make it so when you crouch it slides, but im not sure.

It Would make running around alot smoother, and could potentially make jump+crouch climbing alot easier.

Potential Changes
(Maybe set it to walk too if shift is too important)
(Could be a trait instead, or a unique gun effect but I thought it would be better as a crystal.)

we dont need more mobility on this server. Its already aids with bunny and air rang
also i would think sliding would make it even hard to hit players (making there hit boxes even worse then they already are since some player models still have shit hit boxes)
Beebee Did it Image

(11-09-2019, 03:03 AM)MicroNight Wrote:  shit hit boxes

B r u h

It could just apply a slippery effect to crouch when equiped when cd is up making it simple, shouldnt be worse than crouch-spam, plus with its cd it wont be able to dodge too much during an encounter which many other items already do better. Plus it in my opinion with a few balances could be balanced easily with a crouch cd for 1 second after releasing slide if needed etc.

Beams a way better mobi/safety item since it can just block and run around and wait for reload then pull our ur primary and gun em down along with it reflecting bullets so you can even kill yourself if you arent careful.

The Mirror Shield too, but not as good mobi wise^

It doesnt have to be super useful, I just would want something that would make jumping around the map and doing nothing, more fun since thats what we do majority of the time anyway.

Hell it could be objectively bad and i'd use it (Such as disabling crouch completely and only being able to slide when cd is up)

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