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Johnny Joestar member app

Age: 19

Steam Name(Current): Johnny Joestar (subject to change back to Secksi Enchiladas)

Time played on servers?(!time username to check): 296 TTT hours, 140 lobby hours

Where did you hear about this server?: Terran way back in 4/2015

Have you ever been banned and why?: Dont think so

Why do you want to join?: Been here for awhile, just have been too lazy to make a member app, finally am. I feel like this is my home server now after floating between different inventory servers for about 5 or so years now (ntg,efe/efg,mg,pluto, and of course frg now). I really enjoy the content and I dont see myself leaving or doing any stupid shit to get myself banned from this server.

Referred by: Terran (technically)

Additional Details: Some of you old ntg folk may remember me as Secksi Enchiladas, or Derailed Train, some of my older usernames, that reflect my age at the time of thinking of those lovely names.

+1 POG YOU johnny hoestar’s been here nearly since the inception of the server and he active and doesn’t toxic

+1 Johnny is cool, cooler then Enchantable.

+1 johnny is actually very nice to many people including myself

+1 plus one +1

he got record in Abyssal, guess he's cool now.


+1 johnny no toxic

very fun to play with and doesn't do anything wrong

hes a pretty funny guy unlike me +1

+1 Havent seen any problems Big Grin

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