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Bug with using Det Round Tokens

I wanted to report this before forgetting. Essentially the issue is when using a det token you are still in the pool roll on the server for a T round. If you are selected as a T when using your token for a Det round this still gives you a det round but removes a T slot you were suppose to take up. The easiest time to see this is when there are 7 or less players on being that there will be only 1 traitor. If you use a det round and are selected as a T the round ends as soon as it starts because there are no Ts. When there are more than 7 players you lose a Traitor making it hard on the remaining Ts to have a chance. I am not sure if this is an issue with reverse when you are server side selected as a Det and have used a T token as I have never noticed the same effect but would imagine there just would not be a Det. The next time this happens I will check logs and try to show more of this.

Bump - still an annoying issue and waste of a round most often of times

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