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Selling quite a few {not so good?} things

Okay so basically I'm gonna be lazy and make this post instead of advertising, here we go!
I am selling/looking at offers on: 2 glaedr's, one is a 9.4 chance for dragon's fury, and the other is 10.8 for dragon's fury, a Soulcatcher, Shurikens, a Tathenen with a 9.5 chance to prompt ghostly teleport and a 12.3 chance to shoot a ghostly wail, a railgun, a valignatir with a 11.9 chance to prompt a solar flare attack and rightful headshot kill refills ammo clip, a tartarus with 10.3 chance to shoot a beam of destruction, a serelaphs bow, an extinct candy cane deagle aligned with pisces with a 2.1 chance for final bullet, 8 chance for freeze, and a djinn crystal. Post your offer here, or trade me while I'm online to offer!  Heart

i'll buy the valignatir
Bouncy Rounds

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