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Age: 21

Steam Name(Current): MicroBoss

Time played on servers?: 1,525 hours

Where did you hear about this server?: TTT list

Have you ever been banned and why?: Yes, Involved in a scam and abit of karma bans. (mostly from having fun with friends)

Why do you want to join?: I love the community, I enjoy playing with a lot of people in here and i enjoy playing other games with them. (Events)

Referred by: none

Additional Details: Sorry if i bad mouth you, most times its a joke.

Chill I like him kewl beans +1

(you missed the “... and why?:” part)

- That Thrakos Noob

+1 when Ive played with him he was a nice player and Ive seen him help out a couple people when ive played with him

tbh i think you have improved since your ban and i think you should get member +1

I'm pretty neutral on this, there are a few red flags in what he wrote but I haven't experienced anything negative personally so I don't really have a strong opinion either way.

+1 he has been reformed and i think he should get member back

Micro is still Micro, but he is improving enough that it is noticeable and definitely worth getting Member back
Umpty Dumpty

Jokes aside, micro has become more reseved than in the past, and seems to act more appropriately since the most recent issue he was a part of. I dont see an issue with him having member again as he really seems to be trying to do better in his actions. +1

I think he shown a decent amount of improvement, I think he should be a member +1

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