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Streaming with giveaway :)

Hey, so for those of you who does not know me my name is NocturnalOpacity but have been playing with my alt account on FRG (CSI: Raichu). I used to stream regularly but due to work and life i had to take a break. I am atempting to get into streaming again and wanted to start on FRG Smile So for those of you who would want to support me and watch the link is https://www.twitch.tv/nocturnalopacity

Will also be doing a giveaway towards the end of my stream today with 5 FRG Winners, prizes include VIP/Runes/Primordials/And maybe a Godlike Smile

Anyways feel free to come and hang out at 19:30 CET

P.S. there will be a 4 minute delay due to ghosting and such :/ sry ghosters Wink

This is the giveaway items in descending order, first place is the top item and last place is the bottom most item

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