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nice_the_boar +mem app

Steam Name(Current): nice_the_boar


Current Rank: member

Have you ever been banned and why: uhh other than name changes i dont think so

Why would you like to be promoted?:With the huge influx of moatmen i feel like i can lessen the load off of the higher up staff. I've also been helping a lot of the moat men with any questions and stuff about the server. I'm also on a lot so if something needs to be done i'm usually on

Why do you think we should promote you?: With all of the new players, I feel that i have been very helpful in answering questions and giving items here and then. There are also times where im on with many people and there's no staff on so i could help with reports n such

Do you have any administrative experience: not really, but i pick stuff up easily and it cant be too hard right

Do you agree to FRG's policy on applications(yes or no):yes
(By agreeing above you are agreeing that you understand you are not entitled to said promotion, and that we have all rights to deny or approve the application
for any reason we see fit, you agree to not stir up any trouble if the application outcome is not your desired outcome.
Failing to abide by this can result in a full demote, or perma-denial.)

Additional Details: I know i can be a bit rowdy at times, but usually its between friends and we're just messing around. Smile


- That Thrakos Noob

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