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Racism Rule Reformation

Quick PSA to you guys regarding our "racism" rules:

Through various instances of rule violations, we've determined some(most) incidents of breaking said rule has not warranted a permanent ban, and as such, we will be making the "official punishment" for it a little more accurate.

While we still feel strongly that The N Word should still not be heard or seen on FRG's servers, the punishment for violating that rule should be based entirely regarding the situation it's involved with. Situations where it's said as an actual slip up, not intended to attack someone, or other 'harmless' examples should be reviewed separate from those that are with malicious intent (i.e using it as actual racism, attacking someone with it, joining new and spamming it).
Staff should analyze each situation as its own and determine what time frame seems just.

Here are some rough guidelines of about where things should line up:
  • First incident: Warning (please use the "response" command in your !menu to divulge the warning, that way the server can see it's been dealt with and there is confirmation it has been seen and acknowledged.)
  • Second incident: One week ban.
  • Third incident: Two week ban.
  • Fourth incident: One month, and please make Brassx or myself aware of it.

Causes for outlier punishments:
  • Intent
  • Time since last occurrence
  • Server rank (Member, Staff, etc.)

Posted here so it can be found and referenced easier.

- That Thrakos Noob

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