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Crafting/Rune/Slab Suggestions

We need a few more slabs, because we have either run out of slabs to discover or are getting oddly unlucky. I figured I'd suggest a few runes/crafting suggestions that I think a lot of higher tier crafters would appreciate:

Rune of Amnesia - Reroll a gun or catalyst back to its original blank form. These original forms can still roll traits and suffixes of their own, but will always have their implicit. (Ex: Stormforged, Hade's Furnace, Vindictive, etc)
Rune of A Lost Memory - Remove a specific trait or suffix of your choosing from a gun or catalyst.
Rune of Bloodletting - Remove a random trait or suffix from your gun or catalyst. (Cannot be the gun's implicit)
Rune of Maliciousness - Randomly modifies any gun or catalyst with one or multiple effects: (Doesn't necessarily need to include all of these but I like the risk-reward factor)
  • Destroy the gun or catalyst
  • Add/Remove random suffixes or traits to the catalyst/gun, including Malicious-only traits and suffixes
  • Make the gun/catalyst untradeable
  • Increase/Decrease the gun/catalyst's maximum trait count permanently
  • Increase/Decrease the rarity of the gun/catalyst and change it to a random respective tier
  • Make the gun/catalyst unable to be dismantled/altered/modified with jewel, etc (in the case of a catalyst, can only be crafted one more time.)
  • Randomize the gun's weapon type
  • Add Gilded/Lucky trait, regardless of trait cap. (I'm a bit against this one, but it's an idea nonetheless)

EDIT: These would be obtained through crafting. Probably a specific combination of runes along with prim/legendary shards, etc.

I like this Idea of new slabs/runes +1

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