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Make a crate that you craft using fragments, and they can drop crafting only traits or base weps at a 1/2 ratio, but make them worse than Keys, being they can ONLY drop whatever tier rarity recipe you used. Make it something like;

Tier I crate; 25 common frags, 50 scrap
Tier II crate; 25 uncommon frags, 50 common frags, 100 scrap
Tier III crate; 25 unlikely frags, 50 uncommon frags, 100 common frags
Tier IV crate; 25 rare frags, 50 unlikely frags, 100 uncommon frags
Tier V crate; 25 legendary frags, 50 rare frags, 100 unlikely frags
Tier VI crate; 25 primordial frags, 50 legendary frags, 100 rare frags

Feel free to -1 this if you think it's too "Powercreep", but I made an effort to make it way too resource intensive to be OP and still worse than Keys cuz they cant get higher tiers out of them.

tbh whether this is a good idea or not i cant say, however i would personally like to see a way to craft weapons of tiers without a catalyst

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