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New baits + Rune of power suggestion

So First of all lets talk about the rune of power Nobody wants em whenever you get one in the rune crafting 99% of the people will just market them for the lowest price.

So Why not make it so after its done make it a low chance that it might let you keep the godlike permanently like a 0.005%

And bait ideas.
Masterbait: price 1000 fishdosh.
Effect: Catching fish in rapid succession increases the speed and chance of more letters up to a certian amount.

Lazy bait: Price 350
Effect: Auto Re-cast on failed catch For you know lazy people who just wants to use the keyboard and not a mouse to click
Could just bind a key to do it for you but eh just a suggestion

i want rune of powers, I'll buy them 100 coin each.

no, this has been suggested 100x times to have a chance to give the person the godlike.

the only buff id support is allowing people to pick the godlike, thats it

would rather rune of power just get a whole new ability
idk anyone that actually intends to keep playing that would want to borrow a godlike from rune of pwr

- That Thrakos Noob

How about you just convert all runes of power to runes of greater looting which gives your entire party a rune of looting buff. Boom easy a solid rune.

How about it works like this

Rune of Experience(rare) = 5% exp to next level
Rune of Greater Experience(legendary) = 15% to next level
Rune of Power(primordial) = 25%-75% to next level level
Sealed Djinn(celestial) ultimate power = 3-8 levels

Just keep them the way they are, why change them? Implement new stuff in return. I like how they function, if I wanted to try a gamble on a godlike I'd use one. The only change I think should be made is that you should be able to end the rune of power pre-emptively.

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